Nov 6, 2023

Callan — Childhood Cancer Survivor

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After enduring intense treatments and a 10-hour surgery as a high school junior to treat a rare form of cancer, Callan currently has no evidence of disease and is a student of fine arts at the University of Texas. Read how his family is helping others diagnosed with this rare cancer.

In October 2021, Callan began experiencing a mysterious pain in his neck. A talented artist and a good student, Callan had been looking forward to his junior year of high school. After also developing a cough, he was diagnosed with walking pneumonia, but later imaging showed a large tumor in his chest.

Multiple doctors told Callan the tumor, diagnosed as synovial sarcoma, was inoperable. Synovial sarcoma is often deadly without surgery, but his family eventually found a team willing to operate. Callan currently has no evidence of disease.

Callan’s father, Chas, knows few families have time and resources needed to seek different opinions, so he created a Facebook group called “Synovial Sarcoma Families,” which collects and shares data from members about their diagnosis, treatment, outcome, and care teams.

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