Nov 30, 2023

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment with Enterome’s OncoMimics: A 2D Animation

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Life Science Animation presents a groundbreaking 2D video animation that delves into the world of peptide-based cancer immunotherapies. In collaboration with Micropep, we explore Enterome’s OncoMimics platform, a novel approach to activating pre-existing memory T cell immunity for a more robust anti-tumor response.

Current immunotherapies often fall short as they only stimulate naïve T cell responses, leading to limited efficacy. Enterome’s innovative solution utilizes bacterial peptides, known as OncoMimics, that mimic tumor antigens. These OncoMimics are derived from common microbiome bacteria and are naturally tolerated by the human body.

In this video, we illustrate how OncoMimics cross the gut barrier, activating memory T cells and leading to a rapid and potent proliferation. The result? A targeted attack on tumor cells, leading to their destruction. Enterome’s OncoMimics are currently in human clinical development for the treatment of both solid and liquid tumors.

At Life Science Animation, we specialize in creating video animations that help explain complex scientific concepts, including those in biotech and aG tech. Our animations make science accessible and engaging for all audiences.

Learn more about Enterome’s OncoMimics and how they are transforming cancer treatment at [enterome.com](https://www.enterome.com/).

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