Nov 23, 2023

Tech Titans Clash DARPA’s AI Robots, GPT’s Creation & NASA’s Trillion Dollar Quest! | Pro Robots

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More information about TITA robot:
🔗 Official Website: https://shop.directdrive.com/products/tita?utm_source=prorobots.
🔗 YouTube: www.youtube.com/@directdrivetech4558

Meet the fast-legged TITA robot, which made its first appearance at the ICRA 2023 Robotics Show. Easily switching between wheeled and walking modes, the robot with eight degrees of freedom is able to move quickly on any terrain. In addition, the developers report that TITA combines exceptional perceptual abilities with advanced decision-making capabilities. Its maneuverability, sleek design, modular construction and ability to quickly swap payloads and accessories make it a true Swiss knife in the world of security and service robots. TITA also has exceptional fall resistance, improved self-healing capabilities, instant response time and enhanced obstacle avoidance ability. The robot easily adapts to difficult terrain and, importantly, supports secondary development in multiple modes. The latter not only allows you to control it at any level using RPC, but also allows you to program the robot for your tasks. If TITA has captured your heart as well as ours, you can learn more about the robot and even buy it for yourself by using the QR code on the screen.

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DARPA launches a new project to develop incredible military technology for underwater warfare, the US, UK and Australia test autonomous groups of military robots, ChatGPT independently developed a robot, and NASA plans a $10-quintillion mission! See these and other high-tech news in one video!

00:00 In this video.
00:30 Tita robot.
1:40 Combat robot drills.
2:46 New DARPA project.
4:12 ChatGPT creates robots.
5:43 Tesla ready to share technology.
6:41 A single-seat multicopter goes on sale.
7:46 High tech collision.
8:42 NASA begins exploring Psyche.
9:58 New robot guide.
10:35 An ingenious AI gadget.
11:48 Boston Dynamics upgrades robot Spot.
12:45 Robot chef learns to cook from video.
13:40 Drone to search for objects in murky waters.
14:44 New agricultural robot.
15:21 Delivery robots take over the world.

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