Nov 26, 2023

The Fermi Paradox Compendium of Solutions & Terms

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In the grand theater of the cosmos, amidst a myriad of distant suns and ancient galaxies, the Fermi Paradox presents a haunting silence, where a cacophony of alien conversations should exist. Where is Everyone? Or are we alone?

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The Fermi Paradox Compendium of Solutions & Terms.
Episode 420; November 9, 2023
Written, Produced & Narrated by: Isaac Arthur.
Editors: Donagh Broderick.

Graphics by:
Darth Biomech.
Jeremy Jozwik.
Katie Byrne.
Ken York YD Visual.
Legiontech Studios.
Sergio Botero.
Tactical Blob.
Udo Schroeter.

Music Courtesy of:
Epidemic Sound http://epidemicsound.com/creator.
Markus Junnikkala, “Memory of Earth“
Stellardrone, “Red Giant”, “Ultra Deep Field“
Sergey Cheremisinov, “Labyrinth”, “Forgotten Stars“
Miguel Johnson, “The Explorers”, “Strange New World“
Aerium, “Fifth star of Aldebaran”, “Windmill Forests”, “Deiljocht“
Lombus, “Cosmic Soup“
Taras Harkavyi, “Alpha and…”

0:00:00 Intro.
0:02:49 Solutions & Filters.
0:10:13 Aestivation Hypothesis.
0:12:06 Aliens Common But Unrecognizable.
0:14:18 Aliens Used To Visit Earth.
0:16:50 Ancient Aliens.
0:18:47 Anthropic Principle.
0:21:07 Ascension.
0:22:12 Asteroid Impacts.
0:23:33 Asymptotic Burnout.
0:25:53 Audio Raycon.
0:27:16 Aurora Effect.
0:29:56 Axial Tilt.
0:31:35 Berserkers & Hibernating Monsters.
0:33:05 Black Hole Farming.
0:34:50 Boltzmann Brain.
0:35:59 Carbon & Nitrogen Ratios.
0:39:05 Colonizing Is Too Dangerous.
0:40:48 Colonizing Is Too Hard.
0:42:19 Compounding Filters.
0:43:54 Cosmic Collectors.
0:47:07 Critical Element Scarcity.
0:48:17 Dark Forest Theory.
0:50:43 Detection Windows are Few and Short.
0:52:08 Drake’s Equation.
0:54:12 Dyson Dilemma.
0:58:04 Earth & Humans Are Boring.
1:00:04 Filters.
1:02:12 FTL: Faster Than Light Travel.
1:04:12 Galaxy Type & Stability.
1:05:36 Goldilocks Zone.
1:07:03 Grabby Aliens.
1:10:58 Great Filter.
1:12:33 Great Silence.
1:13:03 Hart-Tipler Conjecture.
1:14:56 Hermit Shoplifter Hypothesis.
1:18:04 Inevitable Intelligence Implosions.
1:18:54 Interdiction Hypothesis.
1:22:36 Inter-Universe Migration.
1:24:26 Jovian Vacuum Cleaner.
1:25:38 Kardashev Scale.
1:26:47 Large Moon needed.
1:28:12 Late Filters.
1:29:04 Life or Intelligence Is Not Natural.
1:30:30 Loud Aliens.
1:32:26 Low-Energy Ecosystems.
1:34:02 Mediocrity Principle.
1:35:21 Metallicity.
1:36:56 Miniaturization.
1:38:29 Multiverse & Alternate Reality Aliens.
1:40:03 Neurohacking for Happiness.
1:42:01 Nihilism or Ennui.
1:45:43 Non-Exclusivity.
1:51:18 Ocean To Land Ratio.
1:53:08 Orbital Eccentricity.
1:54:41 Our Galaxy Isn’t The Whole Universe.
1:57:07 Oxygen Content.
1:59:12 Panspermia.
2:01:03 Percolation Theory.
2:06:50 Perpetual Motion Machines.
2:09:04 Post-Biological.
2:10:41 Prime Directive.
2:12:27 Psychic Poison.
2:13:54 Quarantine Hypothesis.
2:15:34 Quarantine Is Self-Imposed.
2:16:21 Quiet Aliens.
2:16:59 Rare Earth Hypothesis.
2:18:29 Rare Intelligence.
2:19:27 Rare Sun.
2:20:47 Rare Technology.
2:21:45 Recent Galactic Catastrophe Or War.
2:23:26 Region of Galaxy.
2:24:15 Resource Hoarding.
2:25:48 Rim Migration.
2:26:55 SETI, METI, Dysonian SETI
2:29:58 Simulation Argument.
2:31:34 Solution Exacerbates the Fermi Paradox.
2:33:32 Stellar Neighborhood.
2:34:40 Techno and Bio-Signatures.
2:35:58 Technological Singularity.
2:37:23 Technological Timebombs.
2:38:59 Tectonic Activity Needed.
2:40:31 They Are Talking But We Can’t Hear Them.
2:42:44 They Don’t Use Light To Communicate.
2:45:51 They Don’t Want To Talk To Us.
2:48:11 They Hide From Everyone.
2:48:46 They Hide From Us.
2:50:44 They Hide Here On Earth.
2:53:21 Tidal Locking.
2:54:19 Time Elapse Argument.
2:56:19 Time Travel.
2:57:26 Type Of Star.
2:58:55 Universe Too Young.
3:00:24 Virtual Reality Utopia.
3:01:42 Vulnerable World Hypothesis.
3:03:30 We Are Aliens.
3:06:31 We Haven’t Logged Into The Network Yet.
3:07:42 Zoo Hypothesis.
3:08:55 Closing Remarks.
3:11:39 Credits

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