Nov 16, 2023

With 1st Vulcan Centaur launch on tap, ULA prepares for busy 2024

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United Launch Alliance has its missing rocket piece in hand at Cape Canaveral and all systems are go for a Christmas Eve launch to mark the debut of its Vulcan Centaur rocket.

A new Centaur upper stage arrived by barge to the Space Coast on Monday, a replacement for the stage ULA originally planned to fly on the Certification-1 mission this past May. That initial flight, already delayed for nearly two years, was again put on hold after an issue with a test version of the Centaur stage was destroyed amid a massive fireball in the spring, requiring design changes to ensure a repeat didn’t happen during actual liftoff.

“The path to flight 1 is clear,” said ULA President and CEO Tory Bruno. “All we need to do is integrate the stage onto the vehicle. We do all kinds of system testing anytime we touch it, so we’ll have to pass all of that, get through the [wet dress rehearsal] and then integrate the payload, and off to space,”

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