Dec 27, 2023

Startups: AI chatbots will eventually become your coworkers

Posted by in categories: employment, robotics/AI

Comment Large language models seem poised to evolve from AI chatbots generating synthetic content on your screen to virtual agents that are capable of performing actions on your PC right at your desk.

Instead of answering questions or creating animated stickers, AI will soon be able to follow instructions and help you tick stuff off your to-do list at work. A new wave of AI agent startups are building products that can automate parts of your day-to-day employment. Correctly, one hopes.

Some, like Lindy, are building next-generation personal assistants that CEO Flo Crivello envisions doing all the tedious administrative chores that suck up people’s time. “People are always worried that robots are stealing people’s jobs. I think it’s people who’ve been stealing robots’ jobs,” he said during a presentation at the AI Engineer Summit in San Francisco in October.

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