Jan 6, 2024

Launch HN: Rosebud (YC S19) — Turn game descriptions into browser games

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Hackernews #1 @Rosebud_AI We’re building a platform to help users go from description to code to game. We aim to make game creation accessible to non-technical creators, so our UI provides explanations alongside the generated code.

Users have created a diverse range of games on Rosebud, including top-down RPGs, AI companions, and 3D obstacle courses, all within a few hours and sometimes minutes. Here are some examples you can play and clone (to start your own project).

* Anime Jester Companion: https://play.rosebud.ai/games/ba438cc4-246e-432e-b170-4e16948cd571 * Chat and Care for your Digital Puppy: https://play.rosebud.ai/games/f32a8159-7acf-4db6-a82c-70296f90bbf1 * Sphere Sync (3D game: align the sphere with the right color): https://play.rosebud.ai/games/96dfd5e1-62d4-47d8-a3e9-11038c8bb5cf * Basketball: https://play.rosebud.ai/games/a0e70622-e923-4517-8c1f-728dcf0db486 * Neon Waltz Generative Art: https://play.rosebud.ai/games/e32bd12b-7cc9-4f9a-b385-42ae0b096466 * Chat with Deku from My Hero Academia: https://play.rosebud.ai/games/716fd998-aab6-4185-8375-85d9eeb2adca

A simple way to think about Rosebud is ChatGPT + Midjourney + Replit. ChatGPT, because we give users a chat interface for this code editor so they can describe the game they want to make and generate game code; Midjourney, because we let users generate assets inside Rosebud, 2D and 3D, to be used in their games; And Replit, because Rosebud includes a browser based code editor that lets you deploy your game instantly.

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