Mar 14, 2024

Humanoid robot can do chores and hold conversations

Posted by in categories: employment, robotics/AI

AI startup company Figure, which emerged from stealth last year, has unveiled the latest upgrades to its Figure 1 humanoid robot.

Founded in 2022 and publicly announced in March 2023, Figure is a California-based company with 80 employees that is building autonomous, general‑purpose humanoid robots. Its aim is to address labour shortages, fill jobs that are undesirable or unsafe for humans, and support a supply chain on a global scale.

The company is backed by a number of tech leaders including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, chipmaker NVIDIA, and Microsoft, and it recently announced a deal with ChatGPT‑maker OpenAI. Figure’s latest round of funding – which closed at $675 million – brought its total valuation to an impressive $2.6 billion.

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