Mar 27, 2024

Qualcomm, Intel, & Google Join Hands To Come For NVIDIA, Plans On Dethroning CUDA Through oneAPI

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Qualcomm, Intel, and Google have reportedly formed a new “strategic” coalition in an attempt to dethrone NVIDIA from the AI markets.

It Takes Not One But Three Big Tech Companies Such as Qualcomm, Intel & Google, To Have A Chance To Dethrone NVIDIA’s CUDA Supremacy In AI

Now, this does sound interesting, and it is probably a development to watch out for since we haven’t seen such a massive collaboration among companies to target a single entity. NVIDIA’s dominance in the AI market has shocked competitors to a vast extent since such financial growth and adoption weren’t seen previously. NVIDIA has gobbled up the bulk of the share of AI in tech industry, leaving no space for competitors to fill in, and this has troubled many of the firms who have now formulated a united front against NVIDIA.

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