Mar 24, 2024

Scientists Working on Pill You Can Take Instead of Exercising

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The future is going to be so lazy, yet so cut.

As next-generation weight-loss treatments like Wegovy and Zepbound continue to fly off the shelves, scientists are busy working on a medicine that could mimic the effects of exercise.

As explained in an American Chemical Society press release, trials thus far on SLU-PP-332, the potentially groundbreaking compound in question, show that it seems “capable of mimicking the physical boost of working out.”

“We cannot replace exercise; exercise is important on all levels,” Bahaa Elgendy, an anesthesiology professor at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis who serves as the principal investigator of the new compound, said in the press release. “If I can exercise, I should go ahead and get the physical activity. But there are so many cases in which a substitute is needed.”

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