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Jan 12, 2022

Robotic exoskeleton gives prosthetic legs a power boost

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University of Utah engineers have built a robotic exoskeleton that gives people with prosthetic legs a power boost that makes walking less difficult.

“It’s equivalent to taking off a 26-pound backpack [while walking],” lead researcher Tommaso Lenzi said in a press release. “That is a really big improvement.”

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Jan 10, 2022

Transhumanism (Full Documentary)

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0:00–21:02 : Introduction (Meaning of Life)
21:03–46:14 CHAPTER 1: Transhumanism and Life Extension.


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Dec 31, 2021

MIT-Made Tiny Drones Weigh Less Than a Gram, Use Artificial Muscles To Propel Them

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Sometimes, good things come in small packages. Extremely tiny packages such as a microrobot that can pollinate fields of crops, help rescue people, and so on. Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are already working on that and they’re making significant progress.

Dec 30, 2021

After ALS struck, he became the world’s most advanced cyborg

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At this point, Scott-Morgan is almost completely “locked-in,” unable to move except for his eyes and a few facial muscles. His sense of smell and taste are gone, and he can’t breathe on his own, but his brilliant mind is fully intact.

Scott-Morgan now relies on a synthetic version of his biological voice and has had his face scanned to produce a 3D animated avatar, which he wears on a screen on his chest when speaking publicly. After a series of operations to extend his life, including a total laryngectomy, he uses technologies like GPT-2, OpenAI’s generative deep-learning model for text, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be human.

Dec 28, 2021

Teenage Millionaire Built a Real-Life Dr. Octopus Suit

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Circa 2018

19-year-old Erik Finman, a self-made Bitcoin millionaire, took some free time to make a functional Dr. Octopus suit. Besides looking so cool, it also works as a prosthetic prototype.

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Dec 28, 2021

BMW, IKEA Using AI-Powered Exoskeleton That Adds 66 Pounds Of Lift Force

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2.7 billion people on this planet have “deskless jobs,” many of which require bending, lifting, moving, and carrying. German Bionic just released the fifth generation Cray X AI-enhanced power suit, or exoskeleton, to help those billions of people with almost 70 pounds of additional lifting capacity, reducing the risk of back injury and repetitive stress injuries. The Cray X is already in use at BMW, IKEA, and the French delivery service DPD, and will be launched internationally in January 2022.

The AI-powered suit boosts productivity, reduces error rates, decreases accidents, and results in a 25% reduction in the number of sick days workers take, German Bionic says.

The smart exoskeleton market has been estimated to be growing 41.3% a year to a nearly $2 billion industry by 2025, with applications in construction, shipping and receiving, healthcare, and the military. But it’s not just for the billions in the workforce.

Dec 26, 2021

Testing the Neuralink chip on humans | New Augmented Reality Glasses | High Tech News

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You are on the PRO Robots channel and in this form we present you the high-tech news. Flying humanoids, aerotaxi from the mayonnaise manufacturer Sloboda, Neuralink chip testing on people, new smart augmented reality glasses, nimble robots, new robots and other most interesting news from the world of technology in one release!

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Dec 26, 2021

I promise this story about microwaves is interesting

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Time to have another go at reanimation?

Interview with James Lovelock 101 years old-scientist inventor.

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Dec 24, 2021

These robotic suits supercharge human workers

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Part human, part robot, all business.

This new wearable robotic suit can boost human strength, and it is powered by artificial intelligence — taking human augmentation to new levels.

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Dec 18, 2021

Researchers Teach Human Brain Cells in a Dish to Play “Pong”

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Scientists have successfully taught a collection of human brain cells in a petri dish how to play the video game “Pong” — kind of.

Researchers at the biotechnology startup Cortical Labs have created “ mini-brains ” consisting of 800,000 to one million living human brain cells in a petri dish, New Scientist reports. The cells are placed on top of a microelectrode array that analyzes the neural activity.

We think it’s fair to call them cyborg brains, Brett Kagan, chief scientific officer at Cortical Labs and research lead of the project, told New Scientist.

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