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Apr 10, 2023

Chinese Neuralink? State-funded lab to work on brain-machine interaction in China

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More than 60 scientists work to convert research into practical applications too.

The government of China has provided funding to set up a leading laboratory to study brain-machine interfaces, much like Elon Musk’s Neuralink has been working on. The recently inaugurated Sixth Haihe Laboratory in the northeast port city of Tianjin to “drive innovation and create new areas for economic growth”, the South China Morning Post.

Chinese lab to work on brain-machine interfaces

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Apr 9, 2023

Elon Musk unveils $10 trillion ‘Master Plan’ to eliminate fossil fuels

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Yahoo Finance Live anchors Brad Smith and Jared Blikre break down Tesla’s ‘Master Plan Part 3’.

Video Transcript

BRAD SMITH: Tesla CEO Elon Musk reveals the third part of the EV maker’s master plan is to lead the global effort to convert the world to sustainable energy here. And as part of that, according to Musk, Tesla’s projects will take $10 trillion in investments.

Apr 9, 2023

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt warns pausing ChatGPT-like AI will benefit China

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Schmidt thinks that if the AI sector doesn’t create protections, politicians will have to step in.

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, has spoken out against the six-month ban on AI development that some tech celebrities and business executives demanded earlier.

“I’m not in favor of a six-month pause, because it will simply benefit China,” said Schmidt, Google’s first CEO.

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Apr 9, 2023

Doomsday Predictions Around ChatGPT Are Counter-Productive

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The last few weeks have been abuzz with news and fears (well, largely fears) about the impact chatGPT and other generative technologies might have on the workplace. Goldman Sachs predicted 300 million jobs would be lost, while the likes of Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk asked for AI development to be paused (although pointedly not the development of autonomous driving).

Indeed, OpenAI chief Sam Altman recently declared that he was “a little bit scared”, with the sentiment shared by OpenAI’s chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, who recently said that “at some point it will be quite easy, if one wanted, to cause a great deal of harm”.

As fears mount about the jobs supposedly at risk from generative AI technologies like chatGPT, are these fears likely to prevent people from taking steps to adapt?

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Apr 8, 2023

New universal humanoid robot | T1000 liquid metal robots | ChatGPT displaces humans

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The new universal humanoid robot, the boom of liquid robots that want to run inside a person, all the latest news about the artificial intelligence GPT, which has become a real newsmaker of the week, as well as other high-tech news in one video! Here we go!

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Apr 7, 2023

Elon Musk confirms flight readiness of Starship rocket

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that the Starship is fully stacked and ready to launch on its maiden orbital flight.

Starship, comprising the Starship upper stage and Super Heavy first stage, will become the most powerful rocket ever to fly when it lifts off from SpaceX’s Starbase facility in Boca Chica, Texas, possibly in the coming days.

Apr 6, 2023

Tesla teases 3 next-gen vehicles, each in different segments

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The idea of a Tesla makes sense now that the company has started manufacturing and delivering its heavy-duty battery electric truck: the Semi. The Tesla Semi’s availability on the market hints that Tesla has solved certain constraints—including battery constraint issues—that prevented it from delivering heavy-duty vehicles.

In its Master Plan Part 3, Tesla notes that its electric bus will use 300 kWh battery packs using LFP cells.

Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3 teases a new direction for the company with its next-generation platform. Tesla’s new adventure will likely feature some challenging obstacles and more meme-worthy moments from Elon Musk. And more fun for Tesla investors and supporters.

Apr 5, 2023

SpaceX Looks To Send Starship To Orbit In Less Than A Week

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After almost two years of waiting for Elon Musk’s Mars rocket to fly again, things are really starting to move quickly now, it seems.

The Super Heavy first stage booster section of Starship was moved to the launch site over the weekend and now the Federal Aviation Administration lists Monday, April 10 as the target launch date for Starship in its current Operations Plan Advisory for air traffic controllers.

The advisory also lists next Tuesday and Wednesday as potential backup launch dates.

Apr 3, 2023

Machine Learning Expert Calls for Bombing Data Centers to Stop Rise of AI

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Won’t that just make enemies of AI?

One of the world’s loudest artificial intelligence critics has issued a stark call to not only put a pause on AI but to militantly put an end to it — before it ends us instead.

In an op-ed for Time magazine, machine learning researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky, who has for more than two decades been warning about the dystopian future that will come when we achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), is once again ringing the alarm bells.

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Apr 2, 2023

An AI researcher who has been warning about the technology for over 20 years says we should ‘shut it all down,’ and issue an ‘indefinite and worldwide’ ban

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A researcher slammed the Elon Musk-signed open letter about pausing AI development and instead suggested an “indefinite and worldwide” ban.

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