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Jun 17, 2023

Intel to invest $4.6 billion in new chip plant in Poland

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WROCLAW, Poland/STOCKHOLM, June 16 (Reuters) — Intel (INTC.O) plans to invest up to $4.6 billion in a new semiconductor assembly and test facility near Wrocław, Poland, as part of a multi-billion-dollar investment drive across Europe to build chip capacity, it said on Friday.

The U.S. chipmaker last year announced plans to build a big chip complex in Germany along with facilities in Ireland and France as it seeks to benefit from European Commission’s eased funding rules and subsidies as the EU looks to cut its dependence on U.S. and Asian supply.

The facility in Poland will employ 2,000 workers and create several thousand additional jobs during the construction phase and hiring by suppliers, the company said in a statement.

Jun 16, 2023

How Generative AI Can Augment Human Creativity

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There is tremendous apprehension about the potential of generative AI—technologies that can create new content such as text, images, and video—to replace people in many jobs. But one of the biggest opportunities generative AI offers is to augment human creativity and overcome the challenges of democratizing innovation.

In the past two decades, companies have used crowdsourcing and idea competitions to involve outsiders in the innovation process. But many businesses have struggled to capitalize on these contributions. They’ve lacked an efficient way to evaluate the ideas, for instance, or to synthesize different ideas.

Generative AI can help over­come those challenges, the authors say. It can supplement the creativity of employees and customers and help them produce and identify novel ideas—and improve the quality of raw ideas. Specifically, companies can use generative AI to promote divergent thinking, challenge expertise bias, assist in idea evaluation, support idea refinement, and facilitate collaboration among users.

Jun 11, 2023

Triage Cancer Presents: Supporting Caregivers

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Caregivers of individuals with cancer likely have concerns about employment rights, finances, and support. This video will provide some options to support cancer caregivers.

Jun 11, 2023

All the ways AI is going to change (not steal) your job

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Right now, Fast Company reporters (not bots!) are covering how generative AI is enabling us to work better—and more creatively—than we have before. We’ve reported on how Stable Animation is giving creators a team of talented animators akin to having their own Disney studio, how workflow can be supercharged for productivity on Airtable, how you can use it to create more compelling marketing efforts, and even how AI makes a compelling case for liberating workers from the office, amid all the RTO mandates. And we’ve done a deep dive into how UX designers tap into the power of plug-ins like those on Figma to level up all aspects of their work from testing for accessibility to creating final code. If you’re curious, we’ve rounded up a bunch of AI tools you can try for free.

On the flip (read: darker) side, we’re already seeing how generative AI is threatening some jobs. A recently released report from the World Economic Forum revealed a number of jobs that would likely not exist in five years including bank tellers, cashiers, insurance clerks, and legislators, among others. Right now, even makeup artists —who you might think are so hands-on there’s no way they could be replaced—have proven to be dispensable. That’s thanks to a host of tools that can reshape entire video clips. The results are astounding and soon will be as easy to use as a TikTok filter.

Jun 11, 2023

Visualizing the Top States for AI Jobs

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Much ink has been spilled over fears that artificial intelligence (AI) will eliminate jobs in the economy. While some of those fears may be well-founded, red-hot interest in AI innovation is creating new jobs as well.

This graphic visualizes data from Lightcast, a labor market analytics firm, which shows how many AI-related jobs were posted in each state throughout 2022.

In total there were 795,624 AI jobs posted throughout the year, of which 469,925 (59%) were in the top 10. The full tally is included in the table below.

Jun 10, 2023

The A.I. endgame is that no humans need to work for a living, cognitive scientist says

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Government can give Universal basic income to everyone.


Ben Goertzel, CEO of decentralized artificial intelligence marketplace SingularityNET, says “there are far more rewarding things for humans beings to do than [scrambling] around to get resources.”

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Jun 8, 2023

What industries will feel the most impact from artificial intelligence? | ABC News

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Research has found, while AI could lead to the creation of 69 million new jobs worldwide, it could also result in the loss of 83 million existing jobs.
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Alex Jenkin from the WA Data Science Innovation Hub says it’s more likely people will be replaced by someone who can use AI tools like ChatGPT, rather than artificial intelligence itself.

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Jun 4, 2023

How AI could change the ways we live and work, reducing the digital divide

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AI is everywhere. Its use is being debated in headlines, on social media and around dinner tables. To some, the rate of AI acceleration is concerning, with many technology leaders calling for a six-month pause in the training of new systems to better understand the impact such tools are having. To others, AI is seen as the cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution, the latest disruptive technology opening up possibilities for new ways of learning, working and living that we have never experienced before.

Yet, disruptive technologies are nothing new. They have been changing the way we live and work for decades. And these changes have not been without consequences, particularly in the form of economic dislocation and social upheaval. Automation in manufacturing has streamlined mass production and driven down costs; Ecommerce platforms have reshaped the way we shop and do business; even online education has found new ways to provide flexible and affordable ways of learning, delivering opportunities to millions across the globe that simply were not available before.

Presently, much of the discussion around the impact of AI is based on conjecture. However, it is widely agreed that it will have a major impact on jobs and even has the potential to call into question the very fundamentals of what work is. What is not understood is how AI will play out across society in the longer term. Will it, like previous technological revolutions, deliver short-term disruptions followed by long-term benefits, or will it be the catalyst for new ways of learning and upskilling and help reduce the widening digital divide?

Jun 2, 2023

Dumme’s AI video editor creates YouTube Shorts in minutes

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Dumme, a startup putting AI to practical use in video editing, is already generating demand before opening up to the public. The Y Combinator-backed company has hundreds of video creators testing its product, which leverages AI to create short-form videos from YouTube content, and a waitlist of over 20,000 pre-launch, it says. Using a combination of both proprietary and existing AI models, Dumme’s promise is that it can not only save on editing time but also — and here’s its big claim — do a better job than the contracted (human) workforce who is often tasked with more menial video editing jobs, like cutting down long-form content for publication on short-form platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok or Instagram Reels.

Founded in January 2022 and a participant in startup accelerator Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 program, Dumme co-founder and CEO Merwane Drai said he was originally focused on building a search engine for video. But around six months ago, the team realized that a better product might be to repurpose the same AI models they were developing to edit video clips instead.

Joined by co-founders Will Dahlstrom (CPO) and Jordan Brannan (CTO), all with AI backgrounds, Drai realized Dumme may have landed on the right product-market fit after their app went viral, crashing their servers.

Jun 1, 2023

AI-Threatened Jobs Are Mostly Held

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AI not quite ready to automate all of these today, 2023, but will of automated most by end of 2029.

(Bloomberg) — While artificial intelligence is seeding upheaval across the workforce, from screenwriters to financial advisors, the technology will disproportionately replace jobs typically held by women, according to human resources analytics firm Revelio Labs. Most Read from BloombergChina Is Drilling a 10,000-Meter-Deep Hole Into the EarthInside the Making of Redfall, Xbox’s Latest MisfireDebt-Limit Deal Passes the House, Easing US Default ConcernsWall Street Banks Are Using AI to Rewire the.

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