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Nov 6, 2021

U.S. Air Force Has Impractical Goal Of Producing Jet Fuel From Air

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One of the largest weaknesses of the U.S. military is its dependence on fuel. During the Global War on Terror, fuel convoys were easy targets for insurgent attacks. They will likely be targeted in future conflicts as well. This supply chain vulnerability is critical since, without access to fuel, military aircraft cannot maintain air superiority, a major requirement for winning wars.

Last week, the Air Force Operational Energy office awarded a contract to the energy company Twelve to develop the technology necessary to produce jet fuel from air. While this may sound unrealistic, the process is actually fairly straightforward. Indeed, Twelve has already shown that this process can be done at small levels. However, there are significant challenges involved in using this process at scale.

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Nov 6, 2021

Xponent Power introduces world’s first retractable solar awning for RVs

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New solar solution allows for extended off-grid camping without the need for gas-powered generators.

Nov 5, 2021

A Drone Tried to Disrupt the Power Grid. It Won’t Be the Last

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An attack attempt in 2020 proves the UAS threat is real—and not enough is being done to stop it.

Nov 5, 2021

The Intel 12th Gen Core i9-12900K Review: Hybrid Performance Brings Hybrid Complexity

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Today marks the official retail availability of Intel’s 12th Generation Core processors, starting with the overclockable versions this side of the New Year, and the rest in 2022. These new processors are the first widescale launch of a hybrid processor design for mainstream Windows-based desktops using the underlying x86 architecture: Intel has created two types of core, a performance core and an efficiency core, to work together and provide the best of performance and low power in a singular package. This hybrid design and new platform however has a number of rocks in the river to navigate: adapting Windows 10 Windows 11 and all sorts of software to work properly, but also introduction of DDR5 at a time when DDR5 is still not widely available. There are so many potential pitfalls for this product, and we’re testing the flagship Core i9-12900K in a few key areas to see how it tackles them.

Let’s Talk Processors

Since August, Intel has been talking about the design of its 12th Generation Core processor family, also known as Alder Lake. We’ve already detailed over 16,000 words on the topic, covering the fundamentals of each new core, how Intel has worked with Microsoft to improve Windows performance with the new design, as features like DDR5, chipsets, and overclocking. We’ll briefly cover the highlights here, but these two articles are worth the read for those that want to know.

Nov 4, 2021

China’s 100 Richest 2021: Collective Wealth Climbs To Nearly $1.5 Trillion Amid Tumult

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It’s been a tumultuous 12 months for mainland China’s richest. Shifts in government policy covering the education and tech industries, along with worries about real estate debt, led to many of the country’s largest private-sector companies experiencing steep share declines. A government push to promote “common prosperity” saw tycoons and tech companies announce billions of dollars in donations to social causes.

Yet overall, China’s 100 Richest saw their collective net worth rise from last year’s list. Their total wealth increased to $1.48 trillion from $1.33 trillion a year earlier. Among the biggest gainers were those who benefited from increased sales at companies tied to green energy industries in which China is a global leader, such as lithium-ion batteries. China, the world’s largest auto market, also leads the world in EV sales. The minimum net worth to make the top 100 rose to $5.74 billion from $5.03 billion a year ago.

The second-biggest increase in wealth went to Robin Zeng, chairman of battery-maker Contemporary Amperex Technology, whose fortune increased to $50.8 billion from $20.1 billion last year. That earned him the No. 3 spot on this year’s list.

Nov 3, 2021

China is Preparing its Citizens for War — You Should Not Ignore This!

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A video on possible examples of how a government can try to manipulate is populace. It may be good to be more aware of its dangers.

Chinese citizens are being told to treat the USA and the Outside world as the Enemy, they’re being prepared for war whilst we tiptoe around worrying about hurting the feelings of the Chinese government… Time to wake up.

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Nov 3, 2021

What’s Killing The Galaxies Next Door? The ‘Cosmic Thief’ Stealing From Our Neighboring Galaxy-Cluster Has Been Found Say Scientists

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Something is killing-off galaxies by preventing the birth of stars—and astronomers now think they know why.

While studying 51 galaxies in a “galaxy-cluster” called the Virgo Cluster an international team of scientists have found that molecular gas—the fuel for new stars—is being “swept away by a huge cosmic broom.”

Exactly what is preventing nearby galaxies from birthing new stars has been a long-standing mystery in astrophysics. The new paper, now available online, blames the extreme environment of the Virgo Cluster. It’s been accepted by the journal Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series.

Nov 2, 2021

The US Air Force Wants To Make Jet Fuel From Carbon Dioxide In The Atmosphere

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The interest of the US air force has been caught by the tech company Twelve’s project that allows the manufacture of a carbon-neutral aviation fuel called E-Jet. It can be used at any place, and it uses carbon dioxide from the air, water, and renewable energy.

Usually, the supply lines of energy, fuel, and water are the main targets for the opposing forces. The US Air Force stated that the attacks on fuel and water convoys in Afghanistan amounted to 30 percent of coalition casualties.

This process is being called “industrial photosynthesis” and makes use of the polymer electrolyte membrane electrolysis. It is a kind of inverted fuel cell, with a metal catalyst installed on a cathode to break down carbon dioxide and water into their component ions and then convert them into oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide.

Nov 1, 2021

The Sun Just Blasted the Earth With an Enormous Solar Flare

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Solar activity can heat up so much, in fact, that the Sun’s magnetic poles end up flipping, blasting off massive amounts of solar material in the process.

The strongest X-class solar flare ever recorded was an X28-class flare, meaning that it was 28 times more powerful than the October 28 flare, according to NASA. It may have been even more powerful than that, as the sensors cut out at that level.

These events are the biggest explosions in the solar system and can release as much energy as a billion hydrogen bombs, according to NASA. So even though the Sun enables life on Earth, don’t ever forget its potential for terrible destruction as well.

Nov 1, 2021

New Zealand strait crossed for first time

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Wellington International Airport officials believe it may be the longest distance flown in an electric plane across any body of water.

“It’s a very exciting day for the airport. A world-record-setting day,” said spokesperson Jenna Raeburn.

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