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Apr 18, 2023

Ethics and Rights for AI Artwork

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By Cheryl Gallagher Cultural and Creative Content Specialist

In the news recently, the US Copyright Office partially rescinded copyright protections for an article containing exclusively AI generated art. It was a landmark decision that is likely just the beginning of a long legal and ethical debate around the role, ethics, and rights of Artificial Intelligence in today’s global society — and tomorrow’s interplanetary one.

AI artworks are currently being denied copyright protection because copyrights only protect human generated work, and in the Copyright Office’s current opinion, the “artist” does not exert enough creative control over the output of the program (i.e., just using a written prompt to generate an image does not constitute a copyrightable work, as the program generated it, not the human involved). At least some AI generated images are considered to have enough human “involvement” to be copyrightable, but more direct working with the imagery is required.

Apr 12, 2023

What It’ll Take To Upload Our Brains To A Computer

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As long as people have been alive, they’ve wanted to stay alive. But unlike finding the fountain of youth or becoming a vampire, uploading your brain to a computer or the cloud might actually be possible. Theoretically, we already know how to do it, and Elon Musk is even trying a brain implant with Neuralink. But technically, we have a long way to go. We explain the main technological advancements that we’ll need to make whole brain emulation a reality.

Why We Still Don’t Have Smart Contact Lenses.

Why We Still Haven’t Cloned Humans — It’s Not Just Ethics.

How Blockchain And Remote Monitoring Can Improve The Healthcare Experience.

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Apr 12, 2023

New Study: ChatGPT Can Influence Users’ Moral Judgments

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According to a study published in Scientific Reports.

Established in 2011, <em>Scientific Report</em>s is a peer-reviewed open-access scientific mega journal published by Nature Portfolio, covering all areas of the natural sciences. In September 2016, it became the largest journal in the world by number of articles, overtaking <em>PLOS ON</em>E.

Apr 11, 2023

Don’t Bash Digisexuality. For Some, It Brings Hope

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My latest Opinion piece:

I possibly cheated on my wife once. Alone in a room, a young woman reached out her hands and seductively groped mine, inviting me to engage and embrace her. I went with it.

Twenty seconds later, I pulled back and ripped off my virtual reality gear. Around me, dozens of tech conference goers were waiting in line to try the same computer program an exhibitor was hosting. I warned colleagues in line this was no game. It created real emotions and challenged norms of partnership and sexuality. But does it really? And who benefits from this?

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Apr 10, 2023

When Your Boss Is Tracking Your Brain

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Bioethicist Nita Farahany says privacy law hasn’t kept up with science as employers increasingly use neurotechnology in the workplace.

Apr 10, 2023

The only way out of the AI dilemma

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Why do AI ethics conferences fail? They fail because they don’t have a metatheory to explain how it is possible for ethical disagreements to emerge from phenomenologically different worlds, how those are revealed to us, and how shifts between them have shaped the development of Western civilization for the last several thousand years from the Greeks and Romans, through the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

So perhaps we’ve given up on the ethics hand-wringing a bit too early. Or more precisely, a third nonzero sum approach that combines ethics and reciprocal accountability is available that actually does explain this. But first, let’s consider the flaw in simple reciprocal accountability. Yes, right now we can use chatGPT to catch Chat-GPT cheats, and provide many other balancing feedbacks. But as has been noted above with reference to the colonization of Indigenous nations, once the technological/ developmental gap is sufficiently large those dynamics which operate largely under our control and in our favor can quickly change, and the former allies become the new masters.

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Apr 9, 2023

That Nonsense Of ChatGPT Being Called An Alien Intelligence Is Wacky And Out Of This World, Says AI Ethics And AI Law

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There is a new catchphrase that some are using when it comes to talking about today’s generative AI. I am loath to repeat the phrase, but the angst in doing so is worth the chances of trying to curtail the usage going forward.

Are you ready?

Some have been saying that generative AI such as ChatGPT is so-called alien intelligence. Hogwash. This kind of phrasing has to be stopped. Here’s the reasons to do so.

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Apr 7, 2023

The Philosophy of A.I. Easily Explained — What is Artificial Intelligence & Its Implications?

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This video will cover the philosophy of artificial intelligence, the branch of philosophy that explores what artificial intelligence specifically is, and other philosophical questions surrounding it like; Can a machine act intelligently? Is the human brain essentially a computer? Can a machine be alive like a human is? Can it have a mind and consciousness? Can we build A.I. and align it with our values and ethics? If so, what ethical systems do we choose?

We’re going to be covering all those equations and possible answers to them in what will hopefully be an easy-to-understand, 101-style manner.

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Apr 3, 2023

Artificial Intelligence: The Ethics and the Future of Humanity

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Progress is speeding up even as the world barrels toward one of innumerable disasters. What lies ahead, and what should we do when we get there? In the best-case scenario, we may still have control over our direction.

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Apr 3, 2023


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Prof. Karl Friston recently proposed a vision of artificial intelligence that goes beyond machines and algorithms, and embraces humans and nature as part of a cyber-physical ecosystem of intelligence. This vision is based on the principle of active inference, which states that intelligent systems can learn from their observations and act on their environment to reduce uncertainty and achieve their goals. This leads to a formal account of collective intelligence that rests on shared narratives and goals.

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