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Aug 9, 2023

LLMs like GPT and Bard can be manipulated and hypnotized

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Hypnotized LLMs can help leak confidential financial information, generate malicious code and even cross red lights.

Tech pundits worldwide have been fluctuating between marking artificial intelligence as the end of all of humanity and calling it the most significant thing humans have ever touched since the internet.

We are in a phase where we are unsure what the AI Pandora’s box will reveal. Are we heading for doomsday or utopia?

Aug 7, 2023

AI Expert: “I Think We’re All Going to Die”

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There’s no shortage of AI doomsday scenarios to go around, so here’s another AI expert who pretty bluntly forecasts that the technology will spell the death of us all, as reported by Bloomberg.

This time, it’s not a so-called godfather of AI sounding the alarm bell — or that other AI godfather (is there a committee that decides these things?) — but a controversial AI theorist and provocateur known as Eliezer Yudkowsky, who has previously called for bombing machine learning data centers. So, pretty in character.

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Jul 31, 2023

New algorithm ensnares its first ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid

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An asteroid discovery algorithm—designed to uncover near-Earth asteroids for the Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s upcoming 10-year survey of the night sky—has identified its first “potentially hazardous” asteroid, a term for space rocks in Earth’s vicinity that scientists like to keep an eye on.

The roughly 600-foot-long asteroid, designated 2022 SF289, was discovered during a test drive of the algorithm with the ATLAS survey in Hawaii. Finding 2022 SF289, which poses no risk to Earth for the foreseeable future, confirms that the next-generation algorithm, known as HelioLinc3D, can identify near-Earth asteroids with fewer and more dispersed observations than required by today’s methods.

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Jul 29, 2023

The Fermi Paradox Has An Incredibly Simple Solution

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The Fermi Paradox has been a topic of keen debate amongst scientists, astronomers and the rest of us for more than seven decades. We can’t resist the urge to speculate about aliens! But what is the paradox even really about? What explanations have been offered? Today, we explore this famous question, and offer a mind-shifting explanation.

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Jul 26, 2023

Map shows how you would be affected by a nuclear bomb

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A rather macabre interactive map demonstrates how the area you live in would be impacted if a nuclear bomb were to hit it. Nuclear war is as big a talking point these days as it ever has been. Advert With Russia and Ukraine still at war, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made some not-so-veiled threats about nuclear weapon use.

Jul 26, 2023

Meteor which exploded over The Atlantic had force comparable to Hiroshima bomb

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A meteor has exploded over the Atlantic Ocean with the force of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It’s one of the ways that civilisation as we know it could end, with an asteroid impact sending the human race the way of the dinosaurs. It’s a terrifying prospect, and the film Don’t Look Up with Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio really didn’t help matter with its demonstration of the paralysis and greed which could doom humanity.

Jul 24, 2023

Americans prioritize safety over space travel, survey shows

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Most Americans favor NASA’s focus on deflecting asteroids to protect Earth rather than pursuing lunar and Martian exploration.

In a galaxy not so far away, most Americans are casting their eyes on the skies, but not necessarily on the Moon or Mars. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center has unveiled that most Americans are more concerned about the threat of potential asteroid impacts on Earth, urging NASA to deflect these space intruders rather than diverting its resources to lunar and Martian exploration.

The survey, conducted among over 10,000 individuals, offers an insightful glimpse into the public’s views on space exploration, NASA’s role, private space companies, and the United States’ position as a leader in space.

Jul 24, 2023

‘Bond of trust’ can see humans and robots working together, says AI expert

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A prominent engineer in the AI field believes robots can be designed to support humans not replace them.

A prominent engineer in AI claims humans and robots can work together peacefully if they can build a “bond of trust.” The claim is a far cry from the doomsday scenarios painted by many experts in the field.

Tariq Iqbal, an assistant professor of systems engineering and computer science in the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, says he strives for machines to work with people, not replace them.

Jul 22, 2023

I Used Generative AI To Create A Synthetic Self And You Can Too

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Generative AI has been front and centre of the news for the last nine months and attention is often on existential risks, copyright claims or suspicions around deepfakes. However, there are a growing number of more positive ways it can be integrated into businesses.

One of those areas is customer service. The Samsung Neon people were a good example of what could be achieved with embodied AI. Samsung created an impressive suite of customer service agents whose profiles could match those of customers in need of help.

I wanted an avatar that was a bit ‘uncanny’, so that it had some resemblance to my real physical self but looked quite artificial too.

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Jul 16, 2023

How Would the United States Fight a Nuclear War?

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Today we’re going explore the unthinkable: How would the United States respond during a Nuclear conflict?

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