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Aug 9, 2023

Why watermarking AI-generated content won’t guarantee trust online

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The need for transparency around AI-generated content is clear, but the value of measures like watermarks is not.

A few miles away, White House aides and reporters scrambled to figure out whether a viral online image of the exploding building was in fact real.

It wasn’t. It was AI-generated. Yet government officials, journalists, and tech companies were unable to take action before the image had real impact. It not only caused confusion but led to a dip in financial markets.

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Aug 9, 2023

What the Finance Industry Tells Us About the Future of AI

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What will artificial intelligence do to industries and jobs? For a preview, look to the finance industry which has been incorporating data and algorithms for a long time, and which is always a canary in the coal mine for new technology. The experience of finance suggests that AI will transform some industries (sometimes very quickly) and that it will especially benefit larger players. But it may not leave the overall system better off.

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Aug 9, 2023

LLMs like GPT and Bard can be manipulated and hypnotized

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Hypnotized LLMs can help leak confidential financial information, generate malicious code and even cross red lights.

Tech pundits worldwide have been fluctuating between marking artificial intelligence as the end of all of humanity and calling it the most significant thing humans have ever touched since the internet.

We are in a phase where we are unsure what the AI Pandora’s box will reveal. Are we heading for doomsday or utopia?

Aug 8, 2023

Vaibhav who? Tesla’s new finance chief is a blank slate for investors

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Zach Kirkhorn’s replacement, Delhi-trained accountant Vaibhav Taneja, has kept a low profile since joining Tesla in 2016—a very low profile.

Aug 8, 2023

Is Generative AI Stealing From Artists?

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When an artist – whether they are a painter, writer, photographer, poet, etc. – creates a piece of work, they automatically own the copyright to it. This means they get to choose how that work of art can be used and, of course, get paid for it. But what happens when a piece of art is created by a computer?

This is a problem that we’ve only had to deal with in the last year – since Generative AI took the world by storm. Tools like ChatGPT can write stories, songs or plays, while Stable Diffusion or DALL-E 2 can produce images of anything we can describe to them.

But should the credit (and royalties) go to the person who used the tool to create the art or to the company that built the AI tool?… More.

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Aug 7, 2023

AI will be at the center of the next financial crisis, SEC chief Gary Gensler says

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The regulatory chairman told Dealbook that people piling into the most dominant AI models will raise risks for a crash.

Aug 2, 2023

Venture Capital Firm Releases Instructions for Creating AI Girlfriend

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Another day, another step closer to the normalization of build-your-own AI chatbot partners.

Per Decrypt, top-shelf Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz last week took to the developer site GitHub to lay out detailed instructions on how to build an AI companion bot from scratch. The VC outfit has a lot of money in various AI ventures, the billion-dollar AI companion startup Character. AI included; now, it seems that the folks at the firm are so enthusiastic about companion bots that they’re encouraging curious developers out there to start DIYing versions for themselves — and among several other potential use cases, it feels notable that romantic partnership was listed as use case number one.

“There are many possible use cases for these companions — romantic (AI girlfriends / boyfriends), friendship, entertainment, coaching, etc,” reads the description, noting elsewhere that the “project is purely intended to be a developer tutorial and starter stack for those curious on how chatbots are built.”

Aug 2, 2023

Fake AI Friends: ‘This Will Result In Learned Narcissism’

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MySpace gave us co-founder Tom right off the bat: join the social network and you started with at least one friend, even if he never interacted with you. Now social platforms like Snapchat and Facebook are using generative artificial intelligence to give us smarter and more engaging friends.

When Facebook parent company Meta reported financial results last week, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he saw the AI friend as an assistant or coach that “can help you interact with businesses.” Facebook’s AI chatbots will reportedly offer a range of personalities and capabilities, presumably in the hope that at least one will appeal to most if not all Facebook users.

According to Financial Times reporting, Zuckerberg is “spending all his energy and time” on this: a massive shift from the metaverse and virtual reality, his previous idée fixe.

Jul 31, 2023

Intel’s stock surges after better-than-expected Q2 results

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Despite that drop, the company did better than expected. Wall Street had forecast it would lose 3 cents a share on an adjusted basis on sales of $12.1 billion, according to Yahoo Finance.

“Our overall position is strengthening,” CEO Pat Gelsinger told analysts, adding later, “simply put, it was a very good quarter.”

Still, he and Chief Financial Officer Dave Zinsner noted that the selling environment was improving only slowly, particularly for server chips.

Jul 29, 2023

GitHub CEO says Copilot will write 80% of code “sooner than later”

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By simply pressing the tab key, a developer using Copilot can finish a line, generate blocks of code, or even write entire programs. According to GitHub, over 10,000 organizations, ranging from Coca-Cola to Airbnb, have signed up for Copilot’s enterprise version, and more than 30,000 employees at Microsoft itself now regularly code with assistance from Copilot.

“Sooner than later, 80% of the code is going to be written by Copilot. And that doesn’t mean the developer is going to be replaced.”

Recently, Freethink spoke with Thomas Dohmke, GitHub’s CEO, to learn more about how Copilot promises to refashion programming as a profession, and the questions AI-powered development raises about the future of innovation itself. We also talked about why coding with Copilot is so much fun, how AI is going to change the way we learn, and whether Copilot can fix banks that are still running COBOL on mainframes.

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