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Dec 25, 2023

Scientists Have Discovered a Link Between Finance and Topology

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In a new study published in The Journal of Finance and Data Science, a researcher from the International School of Business at HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands introduced the topological tail dependence theory—a new methodology for predicting stock market volatility in times of turbulence.

“The research bridges the gap between the abstract field of topology and the practical world of finance. What’s truly exciting is that this merger has provided us with a powerful tool to better understand and predict stock market behavior during turbulent times,” said Hugo Gobato Souto, sole author of the study.

Dec 25, 2023

US Compels Saudi Fund to Exit AI Chip Startup Backed by Altman

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The Biden administration has forced a Saudi Aramco venture capital firm to sell its shares in a Silicon Valley AI chip startup backed by OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman, an exit that could have broader implications for the Middle Eastern country’s growing investments in US technology.

Dec 24, 2023

Chips to Compute With Encrypted Data Are Coming

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Regulatory efforts to protect data are making strides globally. Patient data is protected by law in the United States and elsewhere. In Europe the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guards personal data and recently led to a US $1.3 billion fine for Meta. You can even think of Apple’s App Store policies against data sharing as a kind of data-protection regulation.

“These are good constraints. These are constraints society wants,” says Michael Gao, founder and CEO of Fabric Cryptography, one of the startups developing FHE-accelerating chips. But privacy and confidentiality come at a cost: They can make it more difficult to track disease and do medical research, they potentially let some bad guys bank, and they can prevent the use of data needed to improve AI.

“Fully homomorphic encryption is an automated solution to get around legal and regulatory issues while still protecting privacy,” says Kurt Rohloff, CEO of Duality Technologies, in Hoboken, N.J., one of the companies developing FHE accelerator chips. His company’s FHE software is already helping financial firms check for fraud and preserving patient privacy in health care research.

Dec 21, 2023

Researchers create first programmable, logical quantum processor

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Harvard researchers have realized a key milestone in the quest for stable, scalable quantum computing, an ultra-high-speed technology that will enable game-changing advances in a variety of fields, including medicine, science, and finance.

The team, led by Mikhail Lukin, the Joshua and Beth Friedman University Professor in physics and co-director of the Harvard Quantum Initiative, has created the first programmable, logical quantum processor, capable of encoding up to 48 logical qubits, and executing hundreds of logical gate operations, a vast improvement over prior efforts.

Published in Nature, the work was performed in collaboration with Markus Greiner, the George Vasmer Leverett Professor of Physics; colleagues from MIT; and QuEra Computing, a Boston company founded on technology from Harvard labs.

Dec 17, 2023

Tesla’s Trillion Dollar Opportunity: AI Robotics and Autonomy

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Follow me on X — https://twitter.com/TeslaBoomerMama Thank you so much for watching this video, I do hope you found it enjoyable. If you would like to follow me or my other content on other platforms, you can find me here: X — https://twitter.com/TeslaBoomerMama SubStack — https://alexandramerz.substack.com LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/merzalexandra/ Words that make this video searchable: Tesla, Tesla stock, TSLA, Elon Musk, Electric cars, Self-driving cars, Renewable energy, Innovation, Technology, Investing, Finance, Business, Market analysis, Stock market, Stock trading, Price prediction, Analyst recommendations, Short-term outlook, Long-term outlook, Risks, Opportunities, News, Events, Research, Charts, Data, ESG, Alexandra Merz, Tesla Boomer, Tesla Boomer Mama.

Dec 16, 2023

Tesla claims solar-backed Powerwall saves more than backup generators

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Discover the financial and environmental benefits of Tesla’s Powerwall with solar, claiming to be 20% cheaper over a decade than traditional backup generators.

Unleash savings with Tesla’s Powerwall and solar combo, a green powerhouse that beats backup generators by 20% over 10 years.

Dec 16, 2023

Tesla’s Billion-Dollar Bot Business: Disrupting Industries and Economies with Cern Basher

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Our guest today has updated his financial and business model for Tesla Bot Gen 2. With these new capabilities, what are the use cases and what’s the forecast for Tesla’s revenue and margins. Follow Cern on X: @CernBasher Website: BrilliantAdvice.net My website: https://www.herbertong.com Get Free TESLA Milestone Tables Check out 15+ modules of resources for the $TSLA Investor Join this channel or Patreon to get access to perks: Get free access to 15+ modules of TSLA investor resources Become a member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4DBLlq1x0AKmip1QJUcbXg/join Join my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/brighterwithherbert Use my referral link to buy a Tesla product: https://ts.la/herbert23392 ❤️ Thank you to everyone who supports me and this channel! I really do appreciate your likes, subscribes and comments. Let’s get brighter! Website: www.herbertong.

Dec 12, 2023

Hudson Labs Solves Finance AI Data Overload Puzzle

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The promise and peril of AI have dominated conversations this year.

Innovator leverages large-language models for financial services tech tools that better analyst work and performance.

Dec 12, 2023

Ukraine’s Kyivstar Says It Faces ‘Powerful’ Cyberattack

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Ukraine’s largest mobile phone operator said Russia was most likely behind a “powerful” cyberattack that disrupted phone and internet services Tuesday for about 24 million people in the country.

The cyberattack, the largest to strike Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began nearly two years ago, took down ATMs and digital banking services, disabled some air raid sirens, and hampered broader cellular service across Ukraine.

“This is definitely a cyberattack and the probability that Russian entities are behind it is very close to 100%,” Oleksandr Komarov, chief executive officer of Kyivstar GSM JSC, told Bloomberg by phone.

Dec 12, 2023

Tesla’s New Features and China Records: What Investors Need to Know

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➤ Tesla teases a number of new features coming soon ➤ Bernstein calls TSLA short their best idea for 2024 ➤ Tesla China sales and production ➤ Model Y standard range sells out ➤ Tesla executives meet in Thailand ➤ Model Y becomes second best-selling car in US ➤ Tesla adds pre-qualifying finance option ➤ Cybertruck discussion from reviewers: https://youtu.be/8_aE58AMIw0 ➤ Calendar 0:00 TSLA 0:25 Bernstein recommends TSLA short 3:02 New features 7:25 China numbers 10:45 Model Y China 11:26 Thailand 12:26 Model Y US 13:11 Pre-qualification 13:38 Cybertruck reviewers 14:33 Calendar X:

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