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Mar 13, 2022

US airlines cutting back on flights over skyrocketing oil prices

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US airlines have begun to scale back the number of flights they are offering to customers, citing the skyrocketing cost of fuel that has been exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Alaska Air said it will reduce its offerings by as much as 5% in the first half of this year citing “the sharp rise in fuel costs.” Allegiant Airlines will cut flights by somewhere between 5% and 10% in the second quarter, the company’s chief financial officer said.

Allegiant’s financial chief said the company plans to scale back its flight schedule primarily during times of weaker demand. His comments were reported by Bloomberg News.

Mar 8, 2022

Microsoft Azure ‘AutoWarp’ Bug Could Have Let Attackers Access Customers’ Accounts

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Details have been disclosed about a now-addressed critical vulnerability in Microsoft’s Azure Automation service that could have permitted unauthorized access to other Azure customer accounts and take over control.

“This attack could mean full control over resources and data belonging to the targeted account, depending on the permissions assigned by the customer,” Orca Security researcher Yanir Tsarimi said in a report published Monday.

The flaw potentially put several entities at risk, including an unnamed telecommunications company, two car manufacturers, a banking conglomerate, and big four accounting firms, among others, the Israeli cloud infrastructure security company added.

Mar 7, 2022

‘A Bigger Earthquake Than SWIFT’—What The Russia PayPal, Visa And Mastercard Ban Means For Bitcoin And Crypto Amid Extreme Price Swings

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been pushed into the spotlight over the last week as global financial sanctions on Russia come into force.

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The bitcoin price had bounced higher on expectations sanctioned Russians could turn to bitcoin and crypto but fell back as following comments from Fed chair Jerome Powell.

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Mar 6, 2022

A ‘greener’ way to clean wastewater treatment filters

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Membrane filters don’t require much energy to purify water, making them popular for wastewater treatment. To keep these materials in tip-top condition, they’re commonly cleaned with large amounts of strong chemicals, but some of these agents destroy the membranes in the process. Now, researchers reporting in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces have developed reusable nanoparticle catalysts that incorporate glucose to help efficiently break down contaminants inside these filters without damaging them.

Typically, dirty wastewater filters are unclogged with strong acids, bases or oxidants. Chlorine-containing oxidants such as bleach can break down the most stubborn organic debris. But they also damage polyamide membranes, which are in most commercial nanofiltration systems, and they produce toxic byproducts. A milder alternative to bleach is hydrogen peroxide, but it decomposes contaminants slowly.

Previously, scientists have combined hydrogen peroxide with iron oxide to form that improve hydrogen peroxide’s efficiency in a process known as the Fenton reaction. Yet in order for the Fenton reaction to clean filters, extra hydrogen peroxide and acid are needed, increasing financial and environmental costs. One way to avoid these additional chemicals is to use the enzyme glucose oxidase, which simultaneously forms and gluconic acid from glucose and oxygen. So, Jianquan Luo and colleagues wanted to combine glucose oxidase and into a system that catalyzes the Fenton-based breakdown of contaminants, creating an efficient and delicate cleaning system for .

Mar 6, 2022

Crypto Allows Ukraine to ‘Operate Internationally,’ Official Says

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Amid ongoing hostilities with advancing Russian forces, Ukraine has been increasingly relying on cryptocurrency donations to solve humanitarian problems and finance its defense efforts. Crypto helps the country to receive and quickly distribute money and operate internationally, a high-ranking government official has indicated.

Ukraine Accepts, Spends Millions in Crypto, Deputy Minister Reveals

Since the Russian military assault started, Ukraine has been actively seeking financial support in the form of crypto donations. “It’s a very rapid way to get a payment — in times like that you can’t just wait for days to get money and then you have to distribute them,” the country’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Oleksandr Bornyakov said in an interview.

Mar 3, 2022

What is the State of Sustainable Investments in 2022?

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Finance and investment companies as well as customers looking for more environmentally responsible portfolios have all caught the ESG bug.

Mar 2, 2022

Second New ‘IsaacWiper’ Data Wiper Targets Ukraine After Russian Invasion

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A new, third, data wiper malware — dubbed “IsaacWiper” — is now targeting Ukrainian governmental systems.

Teabot android banking malware spreads again through google play store apps.

Mar 2, 2022

TeaBot Android Banking Malware Spreads Again Through Google Play Store Apps

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An Android banking trojan designed to steal credentials and SMS messages has been observed once again sneaking past Google Play Store protections to target users of more than 400 banking and financial apps, including those from Russia, China, and the U.S.

Feb 28, 2022

What is SWIFT? How and why it is being used as a sanction against Russia

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Feb 28, 2022

Hackers attack train network to stop Putin’s troops moving to Ukraine

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The hackers claimed that the attack was to “slow down the transfer” of troops moving from Belarus to northern Ukraine, saying that they had put the trains in “manual control” mode which would “significantly slow down the movement of trains, but will not create emergency situations.”

An ideological aversion to high-stakes situations has been expressed by other hacking groups. Anonymous, which has claimed a number of attacks on Russia’s banks and services, the websites of the President of the Russian Federation and Russia’s Ministry of Defence, has said that critical infrastructure is a “no-go” due to the risk of exacerbating the already tumultuous situation in eastern Europe.

Sergei Voitehowich, a former employee of Belarus’s state-owned Belarus Railway company, said that the Cyber Partisans had damaged the train traffic control system and that while it has been restored, other systems were experiencing issues and making it “impossible to buy tickets”, according to Bloomberg.

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