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May 30, 2022

Top 5 Hottest Blockchain Programming Languages in 2022

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Blockchain technology is spreading like fire across industries and businesses. It is currently used in digital voting, medical recordkeeping, decentralized finance, gaming, capital markets, supply chain management, etc. More and more businesses and individual users want to take advantage of blockchain to increase transparency, security, and communication. To leverage blockchain development in innovative use cases, organizations need to comprehend the programming languages best suited for their upcoming projects. Here are the top 5 hottest blockchain programming languages that are being utilized by start-ups and enterprises today.

A high-level programming language is getting more popularity as a blockchain developer language, particularly for dApps development. If you are looking for a language for developing smart contracts on Ethereum Blockchain, Solidity is the one. It is a contract-based language, allowing to store all the logic in the code of the Blockchain.

With amazing code portability, it is the most popular programming language among application developers. It has been used to create smart contracts such as Truffle, ARK, and some of the popular blockchains that are developed using Java include Ethereum, IOTA, NEM, and NEO.

May 29, 2022

DONATE: Dear all

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This March, we, a group of educators, scientists, and psychologists started an educational non-profit (501 c3) Earthlings Hub, helping kids in refugee camps and evacuated orphanages. We are getting lots of requests for help, and are in urgent need to raise funds. If you happen to have any connections to educational and humanitarian charities, or if your universities or companies may be interested in providing some financial support to our program, we would really appreciate that! Please share with everyone who might be able to offer help or advice.

Our advisory board includes NASA astronaut Greg Chamitoff, Professor Uri Wilensky, early math educator Maria Droujkova, AI visionary Joscha Bach, and others.

Support Us The Earthlings Hub works with a fiscal sponsor Blue Marble Space. CREDIT CARD & PAYPAL Please contact us if you would like to via other means, such as checks, stocks, cryptocurrency, or using your Donor Advised Fund: [email protected]

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May 27, 2022

AI reskilling: A solution to the worker crisis

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By 2025, the World Economic Forum estimates that 97 million new jobs may emerge as artificial intelligence (AI) changes the nature of work and influences the new division of labor between humans, machines and algorithms. Specifically in banking, a recent McKinsey survey found that AI technologies could deliver up to $1 trillion of additional value each year. AI is continuing its steady rise and starting to have a sweeping impact on the financial services industry, but its potential is still far from fully realized.

The transformative power of AI is already impacting a range of functions in financial services including risk management, personalization, fraud detection and ESG analytics. The problem is that advances in AI are slowed down by a global shortage of workers with the skills and experience in areas such as deep learning, natural language processing and robotic process automation. So with AI technology opening new opportunities, financial services workers are eager to gain the skills they need in order to leverage AI tools and advance their careers.

Today, 87% of employees consider retraining and upskilling options at workplaces very important, and at the same time, more companies ranked upskilling their workforce as a top-5 business priority now than pre-pandemic. Companies that don’t focus on powering AI training will fall behind in a tight hiring market. Below are some key takeaways for business leaders looking to prioritize reskilling efforts at their organization.

May 21, 2022

How Logs of Fruit Pulp Replace Firewood and Charcoal | World Wide Waste

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Traditional Argentine barbecues date back to the 16th century. One inventor created a new twist on the custom, turning discarded fruit from cider production into logs that can replace firewood and charcoal.

Briquettes Made From Coconut Waste Could Reduce Deforestation | World Wide Waste.
The Danger of Ukraine’s Nuclear Waste | World Wide Waste.
How To Make Paint From Pollution | World Wide Waste.

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May 20, 2022

Fast-growing Austin-area motor maker Infinitum Electric looks to jump into EV market

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Round Rock-based motor company Infinitum Electric is expanding as it steps up production and breaks into the electric vehicle business.

The company is growing its footprint and workforce on the back of an $80 million funding round, which it announced this week. The financial infusion brings the company’s funding to date to $135 million.

Infinitum Electric was founded in 2016 in Austin by CEO Ben Schuler and moved to Round Rock in 2019. The motors include circuit boards that cut down on some of the costly equipment required in traditional motors, making Infinitum’s motors more efficient, smaller and quieter than traditional motors, according to the company.

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May 18, 2022

More than 200 apps on Play Store with millions of downloads are stealing users’ passwords and sensitive information

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Researchers at Trend Micro identified a set of mobile apps available on the Google Play Store performing malicious tasks in the background, including stealing user credentials and banking details from Android users. Some of these apps have nearly 100,000 downloads, so the scope of the problem is considerable.

In total, the analysis revealed the detection of 200 malicious applications that hide code from dangerous malware variants, capable of putting users of the affected devices in serious trouble.

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May 17, 2022

Israel to test ‘AI floating sun-tracking system’ to make clean energy

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Finance Ministry + Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) to test AI floating system that generates electricity by tracking the sun.

May 12, 2022

Costa Rica declares state of emergency over ransomware attack

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Costa Rica has declared a state of emergency after ransomware hackers crippled computer networks across multiple government agencies, including the Finance Ministry.

The official declaration, published on a government website Wednesday, said that the attack was “unprecedented in the country” and that it interrupted the country’s tax collection and exposed citizens’ personal information.

The hackers initially broke into the Finance Ministry on April 12, it said. They were able to spread to other agencies, including the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications and the National Meteorological Institute.

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May 12, 2022

Will your existing data infrastructure support ESG reporting?

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I’ve noticed a tremendous change in how companies invest in their ESG initiatives. No longer is it just their peers or employees holding them accountable; it’s also national and international governing bodies. In 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission created an ESG disclosure framework for consistent and comparable reporting metrics, and just recently the organization amended that framework to deepen the level of reporting required from organizations. And in March of this year, the U.K. Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures mandated U.K.-registered companies and financial institutions to disclose climate-related financial information.

It’s this very shift that has convinced organizational leaders that just having ESG initiatives isn’t enough anymore. It’s the ability to accurately and consistently report ESG metrics that may ultimately make the difference for a company to thrive in the next era of sound business practices.

When you look at this new challenge for ESG reporting, there’s simply no denying it: The single most important factor in successfully adhering to ESG standards is data.

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May 9, 2022

Western banks still operating in Russia are preparing to lose $10 billion collectively as they pull out of the country, a report says

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Sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine are forcing lenders and businesses to pull out of the country.

This visualization shows 22 X-ray binaries in our Milky Way galaxy and its nearest neighbor, the Large Magellanic Cloud, that host confirmed stellar-mass black holes. The systems are depicted at the same physical scale, and their orbital motion is sped up by nearly 22,000 times. The view of each bin.

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