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Sep 24, 2023

Thinner Than the Photon Itself — Scientists Invent Smallest Known Way To Guide Light

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Channeling light from one location to another is the backbone of our modern world. Across deep oceans and vast continents, fiber optic cables transport light containing data ranging from YouTube clips to banking transmissions—all within fibers as thin as a strand of hair.

University of Chicago Prof. Jiwoong Park, however, wondered what would happen if you made even thinner and flatter strands—in effect, so thin that they’re actually 2D instead of 3D. What would happen to the light?

Through a series of innovative experiments, he and his team found that a sheet of glass crystal just a few atoms thick could trap and carry light. Not only that, but it was surprisingly efficient and could travel relatively long distances—up to a centimeter, which is very far in the world of light-based computing.

Sep 23, 2023

Job Seekers, Look Out for Job Scams

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The economic downturn is already a devastating blow to job seekers everywhere. Now scammers are taking advantage of the situation by ramping up their methods of swindling people.

Job scamming is a threat to job seekers all over the world. For example, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) reported an increase in job scam complaints in the United States and Canada in the past several years. Singapore job seekers lost $660 million SGD ($495 million USD) in 2022 alone. And in the UK, 10,000 people were approached on LinkedIn and Facebook by “foreign spies and malicious actors” to steal information.

Phishing attacks and malware are the primary methods of scamming job seekers, according to a February Trellix report. Scammers create fake websites, often employing typosquatting. A fake site uses a real name like Indeed that’s slightly misspelled (such as “Indeeed”) or extends the URL in hopes the job seeker will not notice the base domain name. These sites appear legitimate but are used to steal passwords and financial information.

Sep 21, 2023

Intel Plans a Quantum Computing Approach to Leapfrog Rivals

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The chipmaker is developing a sequel to its Tunnel Falls quantum processor. Quantum computing in coming years could improve batteries, finance and AI.

Sep 19, 2023

In The Age Of AI, Everything Is An API

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The API-AI nexus isn’t just for tech enthusiasts; its influence has widespread real-world implications. Consider the healthcare sector, where APIs can allow diagnostic AI algorithms to access patient medical records while adhering to privacy regulations. In the financial sector, advanced APIs can connect risk-assessment AIs to real-time market data. In education, APIs can provide the data backbone for AI algorithms designed to create personalized, adaptive learning paths.

However, this fusion of AI and APIs also raises critical questions about data privacy, ethical use and governance. As we continue to knit together more aspects of our digital world, these concerns will need to be addressed to foster a harmonious and responsible AI-API ecosystem.

We stand at the crossroads of a monumental technological paradigm shift. As AI continues to advance, APIs are evolving in parallel to unlock and amplify this potential. If you’re in the realm of digital products, the message is clear: The future is not just automated; it’s API-fied. Whether you’re a developer, a business leader or an end user, this new age promises unprecedented levels of interaction, personalization and efficiency—but it’s upon us to navigate it responsibly.

Sep 18, 2023

Hook: New Android Banking Trojan That Expands on ERMAC’s Legacy

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Discover the evolution of Android trojans — ‘Hook’ inherits its powers from ‘ERMAC.’ How does it outperform its predecessor? Read on.

Sep 17, 2023

Tesla Developing Gigacasting Breakthrough; U.S. BEV Sales Soar — Autoline Daily 3648

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Autoline reports breaking global car news, with great insight and analysis. Also, top auto executive interviews. We cover electric vehicles (EV), autonomous vechicles (AV) and internal combustion engine technology (ICE), as well as car sales & financial earnings snd new car reviews.

0:00 UAW Lays Out Stand Up Strike Strategy.
1:41 Ford Fumes After UAW Rejects Counter Offer.
3:12 Tesla Develops Gigacasting Breakthrough.
5:23 China Upset Over EU EV Investigation.
6:06 U.S. BEV Sales Soar 67% Through July.
6:41 GMC Unveils All-New Acadia.
7:39 Cadillac Updates CT5 Sedan.
8:16 Jeep Gladiator Gets Slight Refresh.
8:42 Volvo Adds Video Streaming to Its Cars.

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Sep 17, 2023

IoT Sparks New DDoS Alert

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When the botnet floods the target with excessive requests, service failures occur which jeopardize the availability of the targeted system and even put the integrity of the whole infrastructure at risk. When aimed against essential infrastructures such as healthcare or transportation, the hazards go beyond financial and reputational harm to endangering people’s lives.

Incorporating IoT Devices into Botnets

IoT devices that are unpatched, unattended, or misconfigured, or are already under botnet DDoS attack, are at risk of being incorporated into a botnet. To expand the botnet, an attacker hacks new IoT devices. This process involves two entities: the botnet itself and the loader server, a special server that infects other devices.

Sep 15, 2023

REM Atoms and Nanophotonic Resonator Offer Path to Quantum Networks

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Researchers at Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) and Technical University of Munich (TUM) demonstrated a potential platform for large-scale quantum computing and communication networks. Secure quantum networks are of interest to financial institutions, medical facilities, government agencies, and other organizations that handle personal data and classified information due to their much higher level of security.

To create an environment that supported quantum computing, the researchers excited individual atoms of the rare-earth metal erbium. The excitation process caused the erbium atoms to emit single photons with properties suitable for the construction of quantum networks.

Sep 14, 2023

Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer could fuel a $500 billion jump

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Morgan Stanley released a report Monday, predicting a semiconductor-driven hopeful outlook for Musk’s company.

Tesla’s shares were up 9.5 percent yesterday. But what drove them up?

The investment banking firm issued a research note that upgraded the Elon Musk-owned automotive company’s rating from ‘equalweight’ to ‘overweight’ with a price target of $400 from a prior price target of $250. An ‘overweight’ rating means that the analysts, in this case Morgan Stanley (MS), expects Tesla’s stock to outperform its industry in the market.

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Sep 10, 2023

How savvy trillion-dollar chipmaker Nvidia is powering the AI goldrush

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The US firm best known for its gaming tech has long been ahead of the curve in supplying the tools needed by tech developers.

It’s not often that the jaws of Wall Street analysts drop to the floor but late last month it happened: Nvidia, a company that makes computer chips, issued sales figures that blew the street’s collective mind. It had pulled in $13.5bn in revenue in the last quarter, which was at least $2bn more than the aforementioned financial geniuses had predicted. Suddenly, the surge in the company’s share price in May that had turned it into a trillion-dollar company made sense.

Well, up to a point, anyway. But how had a company that since 1998 – when it released the revolutionary… More.

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