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Sep 9, 2023

Bill Maris: A.I. Could ‘Revolutionize’ Health Care and Biotech

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June 14 — Bill Maris, Google Ventures chief executive officer, comments on artificial intelligence’s impact on biotech, the prospects for Theranos and the venture capital environment. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang from the Bloomberg Technology Conference in San Francisco on “Bloomberg West.”

Sep 9, 2023

Google’s Former CEO Is Leveraging His $27 Billion Fortune to Shape AI Policy

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Schmidt has become an indispensable adviser to government, even as some of his investments have won federal contracts.

Eric Schmidt isn’t shy about his wealth and power: The former Google CEO recently won an auction for a superyacht seized from a Russian oligarch, he owns a big stake in a secretive and successful hedge fund and he spent $15 million for the Manhattan penthouse featured in Oliver Stone’s sequel to Wall Street.

He has also leveraged his $27 billion fortune to build a powerful influence machine in Washington that’s allowed him to shape public policy to reflect his worldview and benefit the industries in which he’s deeply invested — most recently, artificial intelligence. When senators meet next week to hear from tech executives and experts about how AI should be regulated, Schmidt will be at the table.

Sep 6, 2023

Researchers issue warning over Chrome extensions that access private data

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Google Chrome browser extensions expose users to hackers who can easily tap into their private data, including social security numbers, passwords and banking information, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW-M).

The researchers further uncovered vulnerabilities involving passwords that are stored in plain text within HTML source code on web sites of some of the world’s largest corporate giants, including Google, Amazon, Citibank, Capital One and the Internal Revenue Service.

The problem stems from the manner in which extensions access internal web page code.

Sep 6, 2023

How FBI remotely deleted QBot malware from 700K computers worldwide

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The United States government said today that a multinational law enforcement operation has destroyed Qakbot, also known as QBot, an infamous botnet and malware loader that was responsible for losses that amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars all over the globe, and that they have confiscated more than $8.6 million in illegal cryptocurrencies.

During a news conference held on Tuesday to announce the takedown of the botnet, United States Attorney Martin Estrada referred to the investigation as “the most significant technological and financial operation ever led by the Department of Justice against a botnet.” Duck Hunt was headed by the FBI. For one thing, the federal government developed some software that, when installed on computers that were infected with Qbot, would make the virus useless.

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Sep 6, 2023

Scammers can abuse security flaws in email forwarding to impersonate high-profile domains

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Sending an email with a forged address is easier than previously thought, due to flaws in the process that allows email forwarding, according to a research team led by computer scientists at the University of California San Diego.

The issues researchers uncovered have a broad impact, affecting the integrity of sent from tens of thousands of domains, including those representing organizations in the U.S. government—such as the majority of U.S. cabinet email domains, including state.gov, as well as . Key financial service companies, such as Mastercard, and major news organizations, such as The Washington Post and the Associated Press, are also vulnerable.

It’s called forwarding-based spoofing and researchers found that they can send impersonating these organizations, bypassing the safeguards deployed by email providers such as Gmail and Outlook. Once recipients get the spoofed email, they are more likely to open attachments that deploy malware, or to click on links that install spyware on their machine.

Sep 5, 2023

How Companies Can Cope With the Risks of Generative AI Tools

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Everyone’s experienced the regret of telling a secret they should’ve kept. Once that information is shared, it can’t be taken back. It’s just part of the human experience.

Now it’s part of the AI experience, too. Whenever someone shares something with a generative AI tool — whether it’s a transcript they’re trying to turn into a paper or financial data they’re attempting to analyze — it cannot be taken back.

Generative AI solutions such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard have been dominating headlines. The technologies show massive promise for a myriad of use cases and have already begun to change the way we work. But along with these big new opportunities come big risks.

Sep 5, 2023

Better cybersecurity with quantum random number generation based on a perovskite light emitting diode

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Digital information exchange can be safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly with the help of a new type of random number generator for encryption developed at Linköping University, Sweden. The researchers behind the study believe that the new technology paves the way for a new type of quantum communication.

In an increasingly connected world, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important to protect not just the individual, but also, for example, national infrastructure and banking systems. And there is an ongoing race between hackers and those trying to protect information. The most common way to protect information is through encryption. So when we send emails, pay bills and shop online, the information is digitally encrypted.

To encrypt information, a is used, which can either be a computer program or the hardware itself. The random number generator provides keys that are used to both encrypt and unlock the information at the receiving end.

Sep 4, 2023

A ‘people-first’ view of the AI economy

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Today marks nine months since ChatGPT was released, and six weeks since we announced our AI Start seed fund. Based on our conversations with scores of inception and early-stage AI founders, and hundreds of leading CXOs (chief experience officers), I can attest that we are definitely in exuberant times.

In the span of less than a year, AI investments have become de rigueur in any portfolio, new private company unicorns are being created every week, and the idea that AI will drive a stock market rebound is taking root. People outside of tech are becoming familiar with new vocabulary.

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Aug 30, 2023

The 9 AI Skills You Need NOW to Stay Ahead of 97% of People

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Welcome to our latest educational video, “The 9 AI Skills You Need NOW to Stay Ahead of 97% of People.” This video is designed for anyone eager to take a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our goal is to provide you with the most essential AI skills needed to excel in this rapidly evolving field, keeping you ahead of the curve and well-positioned in the job market.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore nine fundamental AI skills, ranging from understanding algorithms to deep learning, data science, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and more. We also provide practical tips on how to apply these skills in real-world scenarios, whether you’re an AI enthusiast or a seasoned professional.

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Aug 28, 2023

How Powerful Will AI Be In 2030?

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Welcome to our channel! In this exciting video, we delve into the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and explore the question that has intrigued tech enthusiasts and experts alike: “How powerful will AI be in 2030?” Join us as we embark on a captivating journey into the future of AI, examining the possibilities, advancements, and potential impact that await us.

In the next decade, AI is poised to revolutionize numerous industries and transform the way we live and work. As we peer into the crystal ball of technological progress, we aim to shed light on the potential power and capabilities that AI could possess by 2030. Brace yourself for mind-blowing insights and expert analysis that will leave you in awe.

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