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May 4, 2016

Molecular Scanner

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This Star Trek-like ‘tricorder’ can help you understand what things are made of.

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May 3, 2016

Lab-grown meat is in your future, and it may be healthier than the real stuff

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Producers say ‘cultured meat’ tastes good and is better for you and the environment.

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Apr 30, 2016

First, we will upload brains to computers. Then, those computers will take over the world

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Economist Robin Hanson says we’re on the brink of a strange new era. Read an excerpt ofThe Age of Em: Work, Love, and Life when Robots Rule the Earth” below.

digital city
Eugene Sergeev / Shutterstock.

What will the next great era be like, after the eras of foraging, farming, and industry?

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Apr 28, 2016

SLANTRANGE Secures $5M to Scale Sensor and Analytics Technology for Agricultural Drones

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SAN DIEGO, Calif.—()— SLANTRANGE, pioneers of a smarter approach to aerial remote sensing and analytics for agriculture, today announced its $5 million Series A equity financing from a consortium of investors led by The Investor Group, a leading San Diego based investment firm. The funding will accelerate the development and scaling of SLANTRANGE’s proprietary drone sensor and analytics technology to help farmers improve operations amid a rapidly transforming business landscape.

“Farmers are continually seeking ways to improve crop yields with minimal risk. Drones offer an exciting solution, but historically haven’t been built for the precise needs of the agriculture industry,” said Mike Ritter, CEO of SLANTRANGE. “SLANTRANGE delivers on the promise of drones with an intelligence system that combines hardware and software to bring farmers crop information they need to make better operational decisions. This investment enables us to scale our technology and team to meet the soaring demand we’re seeing from the agricultural community in the United States and beyond.”

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Apr 28, 2016

New genetic tools to boost productivity

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There’s a precision genetic tool being put to work in crop breeding that offers benefits for future elite, high-performing crops. Pioneer is moving forward with work on a commercial hybrid.

With CRISPR-Cas it’s possible to do precision gene insertions (or deletions) in a crop genome that boost productivity or enhance other traits. This isn’t a GMO because the work done involves traits from the same species — corn gene into a corn plant, for example.

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Apr 27, 2016

Virtual Dining Experience Allows You To Taste Food Without The Calories

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Is AR your new diet plan?

The future of dining is here, and it’s all about molecular gastronomy, augmented reality headsets and multi-textured algae — and it’s virtually no calories.

Researchers at Project Nourished have found a way to merge the taste, feel and smell of food using atomizers, virtual reality headsets, a device that mimics chewing sounds, a glass with built-in sensors, a specialized utensil, and a 3D-printed food cube. The goal is to trick the user’s mind and palate into thinking they’re experiencing something entirely different than what they’re actually eating.

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Apr 26, 2016

Hazelnut Chocolate Blini recipe

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Fighting cancer with Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut.

A dessert recipe for Hazelnut Chocolate Blini that contains healthful ingredients that are also scrumptious!

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Apr 21, 2016

Plastic Eating Mushrooms!

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These mushrooms EAT PLASTIC! Could this be a solution to our plastic problem?

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Apr 20, 2016

These graphene-based nanobots can suck pollutants from our oceans in under an hour

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Swarms of graphene-coated nanobots could be our best hope yet of cleaning up the murky oceans, with scientists demonstrating that new microscopic underwater warriors can remove up to 95 percent of lead in wastewater in just 1 hour.

The invention couldn’t have come at a better time, with ocean pollution at an all-time high, much of it stemming from industrial activities such as electronics manufacturing. By 2050, it’s estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans, and waste metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and chromium are affecting the delicate ecological balance that will make things very difficult for any animal that relies on it for food — including humans — in the near future.

Developed by an international team of researchers, the newly developed nanobots have three key components: a graphene oxide exterior to absorb lead (or another heavy metal); a nickel core that enables researchers to control the nanobots’ movement via a magnetic field; and an inner platinum coating that functions as an engine and propels the bots forward via a chemical reaction with hydrogen peroxide.

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Apr 18, 2016

IIT to Develop Nanosensors to Boost Farm Productivity

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HYDERABAD: In an initiative that may improve farm productivity, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai and Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agriculture University (PJTSAU), Hyderabad have joined hands to develop nanosensors that can read the percentage of moisture and nutrients in the soil. This new research is expected to provide an important technological innovation in the field of agriculture. This is for the first time an IIT is collaborating with an agricultural university to devise solutions for the farmers.

“While we were exploring the possibilities of nano technology in various fields, the idea of using it in agriculture sector struck us. Thanks to the interest shown by some agricultural scientists at PJTSAU, we decided to develop nanosensors which can calculate the moisture content of the soil. There is a need for IITs to work for solving the problems faced by farmers and this is a step in that direction,” said V Ramgopal Rao, director of IIT Delhi, who was instrumental in initiating the research project, while he was the chief investigator of Centre of Excellence in Nanoelectronics Project at IIT, Mumbai.

While IIT, Mumbai will develop the nano soil sensors, PJTSAU will serve as the testing partner and conduct field tests to assess the efficacy of nanosensors. Already, funds have been allotted by IIT for the research project and a team of agricultural scientists and technologists has been formed to work on the project.

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