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Feb 27, 2023

A hydrogen-powered autonomous ship could help decarbonize maritime transport

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The ship could be ready by the autumn of 2024.

A consortium of companies in the U.K. has bagged a GBP 5.4 million (US$6.46) government grant to build the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered autonomous vessel and its allied infrastructure, a press release said. The grant is aimed at helping decarbonize the maritime sector.

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Feb 22, 2023

Threat Actors Adopt Havoc Framework for Post-Exploitation in Targeted Attacks

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An open source command-and-control (C2) framework known as Havoc is being adopted by threat actors as an alternative to other well-known legitimate toolkits like Cobalt Strike, Sliver, and Brute Ratel.

Cybersecurity firm Zscaler said it observed a new campaign in the beginning of January 2023 targeting an unnamed government organization that utilized Havoc.

“While C2 frameworks are prolific, the open-source Havoc framework is an advanced post-exploitation command-and-control framework capable of bypassing the most current and updated version of Windows 11 defender due to the implementation of advanced evasion techniques such as indirect syscalls and sleep obfuscation,” researchers Niraj Shivtarkar and Niraj Shivtarkar said.

Feb 21, 2023

Dr. Abdelali Haoudi, PhD — KAIMRC — Advancing Biomedical R&D & Clinical Development In Saudi Arabia

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Advancing Biomedical R&D & Clinical Development In Saudi Arabia — Dr. Abdelali Haoudi, Ph.D., Managing Director, Biotechnology Park, King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs.

Dr. Abdelali Haoudi, Ph.D. (https://kaimrc-biotech.org.sa/dr-abdelali-haoudi/) currently leads Strategy and Business Development functions, and is also Managing Director of the Biotechnology Park, at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center, at the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs. He is also Distinguished Scholar at Harvard University-Boston Children’s Hospital.

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Feb 19, 2023

Moon landings: Astronomers to track and catalog lunar debris in a ‘world first’

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Scientists and government agencies have been worried about the space junk surrounding Earth for decades. But humanity’s starry ambitions are farther reaching than the space just around Earth.

Feb 17, 2023

The Science of Living Forever (or a Really, Really Long Time)

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“The inevitability of death is what makes life worth living.” — Henry.

“Would we need to extend the years everyone should continue to be in the workforce, in order to pay for those not contributing?” — Marianne.

“Imagine you have people with all the prejudices they grew up with and they never die. Or you have someone who is a dictator and they get to live forever and be dictator forever. Or you have Congress where you have 80 and 90 year olds holding office forever but now they never die so nobody new can take over.” — Avram.

Feb 16, 2023

Elon Musk Has Issued A Stark Warning Over AI. This Isn’t His First Time

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Elon Musk, an outspoken AI commentator, has reiterated his calls for safety checks at the World Government Summit in DubaiMusk founded OpenAI to promote AI regulation, but says the company’s changed since Microsoft’s investment.

Microsoft and Google are vying to best one another in the field, which Musk worries drives down safety checks in the pursuit of winning the race.

Thanks to the success of ChatGPT, 2023 kicked off with intense hype around the power of artificial intelligence. It’s no wonder Elon Musk, one of tech’s most outspoken public figures, had something to say on the subject.

Feb 15, 2023

What Toxic Chemicals Were Aboard the Derailed Train in Ohio?

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The train was carrying industrial materials used in plastics, paint thinners and other products, according to information provided to the federal government.

Feb 15, 2023

‘Mall of the Metaverse’: Dubai announces first virtual shopping centre

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Inside the mall, customers’ avatars will find Carrefour, VOX Cinemas, THAT Concept Store, Ghawali and Samsung Store, “with many more brands and exciting features in the pipeline”.

Announced at the World Government Summit, the mall is in the initial phase of development as the group looks “closely” at customers’ needs and expectations.

Khalifa bin Braik, CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Asset Management, said the Mall of the Metaverse will be a leading retail and entertainment destination — “and surely a huge attraction for customers who crave digital experiences from their most loved brands”.

Feb 14, 2023

The ocean science community must put science before stigma with anomalous phenomena

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Even more extraordinary, during a 2021 interview on CBS 60 Minutes, former Navy pilots David Fravor and Alex Dietrich provided a detailed description of their encounter with a UAP while conducting pre-deployment training with the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier strike group in 2004. While flying their F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft, they initially observed an area of roiling whitewater on the ocean surface below them. Hovering just above that was a “white Tic Tac looking” UAP. The whitewater may have indicated the presence of a larger UAP below, or that the UAP they were observing had recently emerged from the sea below it, indicating the occurrence of unidentified undersea phenomena (UUP).

The implications of these observations are profound. Society may be on the verge of answering one of the greatest questions regarding our existence — are we alone? Yet, the vast majority of established scientists across the globe have shown little interest, and this remains the case with the ocean science community.

How is it that these anomalous observations have not risen to the level of other science priorities, such as climate change? Simply put, stigma. The attention given by many non-scientific, fringe enthusiasts to the UAP arena has tainted the topic, repulsing those who rightly seek to maintain their scientific integrity and professional reputation. Additionally, the U.S. government thwarted objective analysis of UAPs out of a concern that adversaries would use them as a psychological warfare tool to sow mass hysteria and panic.

Feb 11, 2023

What If We Lived in an Ecumenopolis? | Unveiled

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A city that’s the size of a planet! Join us, and find out more!

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