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Jul 20, 2023

Malaysia issues license to Musk’s Starlink to bring internet services to remote areas

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KUALA LUMPUR, July 20 (Reuters) — Malaysia has issued a license to Starlink, the satellite communications service started by Elon Musk, to provide internet services in the country, particularly in remote areas, its communications minister said on Thursday.

Minister Fahmi Fadzil said in a Facebook post that Starlink, which is operated by Musk’s SpaceX, would begin by providing its services to schools and higher education institutions.

The government was also prepared to work with satellite communications firms, including Starlink, to ensure 100 percent internet coverage in populated areas, Fahmi said.

Jul 19, 2023

Record-Breaking Energy Storage: Nanosheet Technology Takes Dielectric Capacitors to New Heights

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Researchers have developed an advanced dielectric capacitor using nanosheet technology, providing unprecedented energy storage density and stability. This breakthrough could significantly enhance renewable energy usage and electric vehicle production.

A research group, led by Nagoya University.

Nagoya University, sometimes abbreviated as NU, is a Japanese national research university located in Chikusa-ku, Nagoya. It was the seventh Imperial University in Japan, one of the first five Designated National University and selected as a Top Type university of Top Global University Project by the Japanese government. It is one of the highest ranked higher education institutions in Japan.

Jul 18, 2023

It’s Time to Consider the Federal Land Dividend

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Here’s my new Opinion essay at Newsweek. It’s about the need to use our nation’s massive natural resources to pay for a bipartisan tax free universal basic income, called the Federal Land Dividend. I hope you will read and share it!

In 2018, I began lecturing about the Federal Land Dividend, a bipartisan tax-free Universal Basic Income (UBI) based on monetizing the 640 million acres of mostly unused federally owned land. Due to the lasting effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which include a struggling U.S. economy, there is increasing interest in implementing basic income plans. The Federal Land Dividend is the only method that is both bipartisan and tax free.

An estimated 50 percent of the 11 most western states are mostly empty land that belong to the government. Estimates say this land and its resources are worth approximately $100 to $200 trillion. If we divide the middle— $150 trillion —by America’s population of 333 million, every person would have approximately $450,000 in equity. That’s much higher than the median net worth in America of $122,000.

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Jul 17, 2023

Collateral damage: American civilian survivors of the 1945 Trinity test

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America’s civilian survivors of the Trinity atomic bomb test in 1945 described as move on Oppenheimer is released.

The Trinity test site was chosen, in part, for its supposed remove from human inhabitation. Yet nearly half-a-million people were living within a 150-mile radius of the explosion, with some as close as 12 miles away. None were warned or evacuated by the US government ahead of time.

Jul 15, 2023

China developing ‘neurostrike’ weapons to gain control of minds, claims report | Oneindia News

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According to intelligence analysts, China’s People’s Liberation Army is reportedly developing high-technology neurostrike weapons that are designed to disrupt brain functions and influence government leaders or entire population. The weapons can be used to directly attack or control brains using microwave or other directed energy weapons in handheld guns or larger weapons firing electromagnetic beams. Analysts, in their report, say that the danger of China’s brain warfare weapons prior to or during a conflict is no longer theoretical. They are also of the opinion that China‘s leadership views neurostrike and psychological warfare as a core component of its asymmetric warfare strategy against the United States and its allies in the Indo-Pacific. Neurostrike is a military term defined as the engineered targeting of the brains of military personnel or civilians using non-kinetic technology. The goal is to impair thinking, reduce situational awareness, inflict long-term neurological damage and cloud normal cognitive functions.

#Neurostrikeweapons #Chinaneurostrike #Chinaneweapon.

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Jul 15, 2023

India moon mission rocket blasts into space — BBC News

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India has launched its third Moon mission and is hoping to become to the first to land near its south pole – which has rarely been explored.

If successful, the Chandrayaan-3’s orbiter, lander and a rover are due to touch down on the Moon’s surface on 23 or 24 August.

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Jul 14, 2023

Flying electric car takes off in the US as CEO discusses industry’s future [Video]

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Flying cars are becoming closer to reality than what sci-fi movies may lead you to believe. Another electric flying car “took flight” this week in the US. CEO Doron Merdinger of Miami-based Doroni Aerospace successfully piloted a two-seater personal vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that fits in your garage.

Electric flying cars are all of a sudden taking the US by storm. Last month, California-based Alef Aeronautics revealed its 100% electric flying car, “Model A,” the first of its kind to receive legal approval to fly from the US government.

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Jul 14, 2023

Virgin Galactic’s first private passenger spaceflight will launch as soon as August 10th

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Now that Virgin Galactic has flown its first commercial spaceflight, it’s ready to take civilians aboard. The company now expects to launch its first private passenger flight, Galactic 2, as soon as August 10th. Virgin isn’t yet revealing the names of everyone involved, but there will be three passengers alongside the usual crew. You can watch a live stream on the company website.

The inaugural commercial flight, Galactic 1, flew in late June. However, all three passengers were Italian government workers (two from the Air Force and one research council member) conducting microgravity studies. While it’s not clear what 02’s civilian crew will do, they can be tourists this time around.

The firm has been ramping up its operations in recent months after numerous delays from previous years. While Galactic 2 is just Virgin’s seventh spaceflight of any kind, it’s the third in 2023. The company says it’s establishing a “regular cadence” of flights, and you can expect them to become relatively routine if this voyage goes as planned.

Jul 13, 2023

Tesla looking to make about half million EVs annually in India, Times of India reports

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BENGALURU, July 13 (Reuters) — Tesla (TSLA.O) is discussing an investment proposal with the Indian government to set up a factory with an annual capacity to produce about half a million electric vehicles, the Times of India reported on Thursday, citing government sources.

The company, led by billionaire Elon Musk, is also looking at using India as an export base to ship cars to countries in the Indo-Pacific region, the report said.

The starting price for the vehicles will be 2 million rupees ($24,400.66), the report added, which is more than double of India’s cheapest EV, MG Comet, and half a million costlier than Tata Nexon EV, the top-selling electric car in the country.

Jul 13, 2023

Academia, Industry, And Government Can Create Innovative Partnerships And Help Secure Our Digital Future

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Kindly see my lates FORBES article:

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Connected technology tools can be stepping-stones to a new world in diverse areas such as genetic engineering, augmented reality, robotics, and renewable energies. But they need cyber protection.

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