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Jun 21, 2019

“Unprecedented achievement” enables clinical trials of promising anti-cancer molecule

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Over 30 years ago, a molecule with incredible anti-cancer properties was discovered in sea sponges. However, it was so structurally complex scientists have been unable to synthesize it in large enough quantities to be able to test it in humans. Now a team of scientists has finally made a landmark breakthrough, achieving total synthesis of the molecule in volumes large enough to proceed to clinical trials.

Jun 20, 2019

First-ever noninvasive mind-controlled robotic arm

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A team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon has made a breakthrough in the field of noninvasive robotic device control. Using a noninvasive brain-computer interface, they have developed the first-ever successful mind-controlled robotic arm exhibiting the ability to continuously track and follow a computer cursor.

Jun 19, 2019

SpinLaunch Secures First Contract for Revolutionary New Space Launch Services

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SpinLaunch has been awarded a responsive launch prototype contract from the DoD, facilitated by DIU for kinetic energy-based launch services.

Media Contact: Diane Murphy ([email protected]) Tel: 310.658.

Jun 16, 2019

Blood donation breakthrough sees scientists convert all types to O using gut bacteria

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In a breakthrough that could save thousands of lives, scientists have found a way to convert all blood types to the universal type that is safe for all patients to receive, by using microbes found in the human gut.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia have figured out how to convert blood types A, B and AB into the universal Type O, which all patients can receive in a transfusion, regardless of their own blood type.

Jun 12, 2019

MIT Used a Laser to Transmit Audio Directly Into a Person’s Ear

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Scientists have figured out how to use a laser to transmit audio, ranging from music to speech, to a person across a room without any receiver equipment — a potential breakthrough for the future of audio and communication.

“Our system can be used from some distance away to beam information directly to someone’s ear,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology research Charles M. Wynn said in a press release. “It is the first system that uses lasers that are fully safe for the eyes and skin to localize an audible signal to a particular person in any setting.”

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Jun 10, 2019

Neuromorphic Computing Breakthrough May Disrupt AI

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Scientists create a brain-like organic transistor that can learn and evolve.

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Jun 9, 2019

Linking Chips With Light

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IEEE Spectrum recently summarized a major breakthrough out of DARPA’s Photonically Optimized Embedded Microprocessors (POEM) program:

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Jun 9, 2019

Breakthrough quantum dot hybrid LED is inexpensive and delivers vibrant color

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LED lighting systems could soon gain mainstream adoption with a new cost-effective hybrid LED and its solution-based process.

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Jun 8, 2019

The foundation of the computing industry’s innovation is faltering. What can replace it?

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Shrinking transistors have powered 50 years of advances in computing—but now other ways must be found to make computers more capable.

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Jun 7, 2019

Everything as Code: The future of ops tools

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How do we manage our complex, multi-cloud, hybrid infrastructures? Seth Vargo maps the operations tooling ecosystem you need to know in order to maintain your sanity, but he also looks into the future of infrastructure as code tools and what cool innovations we can expect.

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