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Mar 19, 2023

Sam Altman invested $180 million into a company trying to delay death

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Can anti-aging breakthroughs add 10 healthy years to the human life span? The CEO of OpenAI is paying to find out.

Mar 19, 2023

Dr Katcher’s E5 Lifespan Experiment Final Result | 22% Lifespan Extension

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So, 22% increase. Roughly like a 120 person, which means if this literally translates to people it means a maximizing of our current lifespan. The rest is just a rundown of Aubrey’s experiment.

Dr Katcher’s lifespan experiment has come to an end as the last remaining rat, Sima, has died. She was 1,464 days old which is a record for Sprague-Dawley rats. We also talk about the exciting Robust Mouse Rejuvenation project at the LEV Foundation.

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Mar 19, 2023

The Extinction of Death

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Billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, and Sam Altman want to live forever, here’s how they’re planning on doing it and what it could mean for society.

First ‘long form’ video I have made in awhile. Very excited to get back into it and play around with different ways of styles and editing. Excited to hear what you guys think!

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Mar 18, 2023

59-Year-Old Bodybuilding Legend Reveals the Self-Used Secrets To “Fight the Aging Process”

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Bodybuilding veteran, Richard Gaspari’s ageless look even at nearly 60, is a point of wonder to many. His dynamic approach to the aging process cumulates from his precise knowledge base encircling alternative compounds. In an Instagram post, the athlete spilled the beans on his anti-aging secrets.

Mar 18, 2023

Scientists used menin to reverse aging in mice: Can they do it in humans?

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A study led by Dr. Lige Leng of Xiamen University in China has identified a previously unknown trigger of aging in mice, and potentially humans. It involves the age-related reduction of a protein called menin Trusted Source in the brain’s hypothalamus.

Mar 18, 2023

Tomorrow Biostasis: The Berlin Startup That Wants to Bring You Back from the Dead

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What if death was not the end? What if, instead of saying our final goodbyes to loved ones, we could freeze their bodies and bring them back to life once medical technology has advanced enough to cure their fatal illnesses? This is the mission of Tomorrow Biostasis, a Berlin-based startup that specializes in cryopreservation.

Cryopreservation, also known as biostasis or cryonics, is the process of preserving a human body (or brain) in a state of suspended animation, with the hope that it can be revived in the future when medical technology has advanced enough to treat the original cause of death. This may seem like science fiction, but it is a legitimate scientific procedure, and Tomorrow Biostasis is one of the few companies in the world that offers this service.

Dr Emil Kendziorra, co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow Biostasis explained that the goal of cryopreservation is to extend life by preserving the body until a cure can be found for the original illness. He emphasized that cryopreservation is not a form of immortality, but rather a way to give people a second chance at life.

Mar 17, 2023


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Mar 16, 2023

People are desperately trying to live forever. Here are the biggest anti-aging trends sweeping the nation

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Can you really stop aging? It’s unlikely, but people are trying to at least slow down the clock byasting, taking hormones, and jumping into ice cold baths.

Mar 16, 2023

Exposure to negative socio-emotional events induces sustained alteration of resting-state brain networks in older adults Aging

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Baez-Lugo et al. show that increased functional brain connectivity between default mode network and amygdala in resting state after high emotional events is associated to higher anxiety, rumination and negative thoughts in older adults.

Mar 15, 2023

Depressive Symptoms And Memory Loss in Older Adults Linked to Telomere Shortening

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There’s a tiny, slow-burning ‘fuse’ attached to the ends of all our chromosomes, and as we naturally age, each of our cells loses more and more of that life-giving line.

Researchers in South Korea have now shown this fuse, known as the telomere, is unusually short in the cells of elderly people who are relatively healthy but have noticed early signs of depressive symptoms and cognitive decline, such as memory loss.

The randomized controlled trial presents more evidence for the telomere hypothesis of aging, which posits that all cells hit a point where they can no longer divide and replicate.

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