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Dec 12, 2023

Professor Brings Insight to Cell Therapy with Nanobots

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There’s an unfortunate irony in cell therapy that holds it back from its full potential: Regenerating tissues often must be damaged to know if the treatment is working, such as surgically removing tissue to see if rejuvenation is occurring beneath.

The alternative isn’t much better: Patients can choose to wait and see if their health improves, but after weeks of uncertainty, they might find that no healing has taken place without a clear explanation as to why.

Jinhwan Kim, a new assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the University of California, Davis, who holds a joint appointment with the Department of Surgery at UC Davis Health, wants to change all of that. In his research program, he combines nanotechnology and novel bioimaging techniques to provide non-invasive, real-time monitoring of cellular function and health.

Dec 11, 2023

Scientists find that senescence can accelerate evolution

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The mystery of aging has fascinated people for millennia, with many willing to do anything to halt or reverse this process, because aging is typically associated with gradual deterioration of most body functions. While senescence is a natural part of life, biologists understand surprisingly little about the emergence of this process during evolution.

It is not clear whether aging is inevitable because there are organisms that seemingly do not age at all; moreover, the phenomenon known as negative aging, or rejuvenation, does exist: for example, some turtles’ vital functions improve with age.

Researchers of the Institute of Evolution led by Academician Eörs Szathmáry have endeavored to prove the validity of a previously proposed but still unproven theory of aging. The theory suggests that under the right circumstances, can favor the proliferation of controlling senescence.

Dec 10, 2023

21 Younger Biological Age: Supplements, Diet (Blood Test #7 in 2023)

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Dec 9, 2023

REVERSE AGING To Prevent &Treat Diseases 2023 Nov Update

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Dr. David Sinclair presents about the new update on epigenetic reprogramming on reversing aging to prevent and treat rare and common diseases in this video.

Dec 9, 2023

Genetic mutations that promote reproduction tend to shorten human lifespan, study shows

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A University of Michigan-led study based on a review of genetic and health information from more than 276,000 people finds strong support for a decades-old evolutionary theory that sought to explain aging and senescence.

In 1957, evolutionary biologist George Williams proposed that genetic mutations that contribute to aging could be favored by natural selection if they are advantageous early in life in promoting earlier reproduction or the production of more offspring. Williams was an assistant professor at Michigan State University at the time.

Williams’ idea, now known as the antagonistic pleiotropy theory of aging, remains the prevailing evolutionary explanation of senescence, the process of becoming old or aging. While the theory is supported by individual case studies, it has lacked unambiguous genome-wide evidence.

Dec 9, 2023

Prioritizing Brain Health: Preventing Cognitive Decline

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In this episode of the Lifespan podcast, Dr. David Sinclair and co-host Matthew LaPlante dissect the topic of brain aging. They explore evidence suggesting that the brain ages more slowly than other parts of the body and highlight how cognitive function is impacted by aging. Different interventions aimed at preserving brain health are also discussed, including a plant-based diet, exercise, metformin, NAD boosters, and sufficienh #Wellness #DavidSinclair #Longevity #BrainHealth #Healthspan

Dec 9, 2023

Stressors for Longevity: Exercise, Heat, Cold & More

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In Episode 3 of the Lifespan Podcast, Dr. David Sinclair and Matthew LaPlante dive deeply into the science of non-dietary interventions that mimic adversity and promote health. They begin by highlighting how different types of physical activity (i.e., low-intensity aerobic exercise, high-intensity aerobic exercise, and weight training) protect against age-related disease and enhance longevity. David and Matthew additionally highlight the latest evidence behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cold therapy, and heat therapy. As they discuss different adversity mimetics, they also explain how these interventions influence aging at the molecular and physiological levels.

Dec 9, 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair

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Welcome to Lifespan with Dr. David Sinclair. Dr. David Sinclair is a professor of genetics and co-director of Harvard Medical School’s Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research.

Dec 9, 2023

What to Eat & When to Eat for Longevity

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In this episode, Dr. David Sinclair and co-host Matthew LaPlante discuss how frequently we should eat, what food we should avoid, and what food we should pursue. They discuss the science behind how a “low energy state,” which can be induced by a period of fasting, combats aging and promotes health. They also walk through research that points to the benefits of a mostly plant-based diet for slowing aging and offer key insights into when to eat and what to eat to maximize longevity. #Food #DavidSinclair #Longevity

Dec 9, 2023

How to Not Die

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Biologist and genetics expert Dr. David Sinclair is out to prove he can live past 100 years old, and he thinks you can too. On this episode Sinclair goes in-depth on the process of aging and the techniques you can incorporate into your life that help you live a longer, healthier life, including optimizing your diet, the benefits of exercise, the role of a positive attitude, the importance of sleep, the three supplements he takes every day, why it’s never too late to slow the process of aging, and so much more.

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