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Jan 25, 2023

Anti-aging gene rewinds heart age by 10 years

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A gene called BPIFB4, discovered in a population of centenarians, could help to reverse the aging of human hearts.

Carriers of healthy mutant genes, including people in so-called “blue zones” of the world, often live to 100 years or more and remain in good health. Cardiovascular complications are also rarer in these individuals. Scientists now believe that a gene may help to keep their hearts young by protecting them against diseases linked to aging.

Jan 24, 2023

Researchers Find Way To Reverse Aging

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Recent experiments conducted in Boston labs have shown reverse aging results among mice and could show similar results in people.

The combined experiments — which were conducted during a span of 13 years — published Thursday (January 12) in the scientific journal Cell reported that old, blind mice regained eyesight, developed smarter brains and built healthier muscle and kidney tissue, challenging the theory that DNA was the only cause of aging, as it proved that chemical and structural changes to chromatin played a factor without altering genetic code.

The research showed that a breakdown in epigenetic information caused the mice to age and the restoration of the epigenome reversed aging effects.

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Jan 24, 2023

Open Longevity Foundation Announces Open Genes Database

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Open Longevity Foundation has announced Open Genes, a database of longevity-associated genes and a tool for future anti-aging therapy development. The full press release is included here. Open Longevity Foundation released a novel database of genes involved […].

Jan 24, 2023

No, Scientists Did Not Just Prove That Life Extension is Impossible!

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The year is 2021, and journalism is dead. It does not particularly matter what your personal beliefs or creed are, at this point it has become blindingly apparent that the vast majority of the media are not overly concerned with the truth.

Jan 24, 2023

Genome-wide RNA polymerase stalling shapes the transcriptome during aging Genetics

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In aging mouse livers, 40% of elongating RNA polymerases are stalled, biasing transcriptional output dependent on gene length. This transcriptional stress appears to be caused by endogenous DNA damage.

Jan 24, 2023

When WIll We Upload Our Minds To Other Species?

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This video explores aliens, mind uploading to other species (like in Avatar), genetic engineering, and future robots. Watch this next video about digital immortality: https://youtu.be/sZdWN9pbbew.
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Jan 23, 2023

Pop-up Electrode Device Could Help With 3D Mapping of the Brain

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Source: Penn State

Understanding the neural interface within the brain is critical to understanding aging, learning, disease progression and more. Existing methods for studying neurons in animal brains to better understand human brains, however, all carry limitations, from being too invasive to not detecting enough information.

A newly developed, pop-up electrode device could gather more in-depth information about individual neurons and their interactions with each other while limiting the potential for brain tissue damage.

Jan 23, 2023

Anti-aging gene shown to rewind heart age

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By ten years.

An anti-aging gene discovered in a population of centenarians has been shown to rewind the heart’s biological age by 10 years. The breakthrough, published in Cardiovascular Research and led by scientists at the University of Bristol and the MultiMedica Group in Italy, offers a potential target for patients with heart failure.

Associated with exceptional longevity, carriers of healthy mutant , like those living in blue zones of the planet, often live to 100 years or more and remain in . These individuals are also less prone to cardiovascular complications. Scientists believe the gene helps to keep their hearts young by protecting them against diseases linked to aging, such as .

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Jan 23, 2023

Hypertension Drug Could Be Repurposed to Delay Aging

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Summary: Rilmenidine, a drug commonly prescribed to help treat hypertension can help slow the effects of aging and extend lifespan, a new study reports.

Source: University of Liverpool.

Researchers have found that the drug rilmenidine can extend lifespan and slow aging.

Jan 23, 2023

Taste Cells’ Role in Immune Response May Lead to Treatment of Taste Loss

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Summary: A subset of taste cells may play a key role in the body’s immune response to harmful oral microbes. The findings could help taste loss associated with infections, aging, and dysregulation of the oral microbiome caused by chemotherapy.

Source: University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Taste cells are heavily exposed to the microbes in the mouth, but their role in helping the body respond to those microbes has not yet been studied in detail.

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