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Aug 31, 2022

Using a GAN architecture to restore heavily compressed music files

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Over the past few decades, computer scientists have developed increasingly advanced technologies and tools to store large amounts of music and audio files in electronic devices. A particular milestone for music storage was the development of MP3 (i.e., MPEG-1 layer 3) technology, a technique to compress sound sequences or songs into very small files that can be easily stored and transferred between devices.

The encoding, editing and compression of media files, including PKZIP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, MP3, AAC, Cinepak and MPEG-2 files, is achieved using a set of technologies known as codecs. Codecs are compression technologies with two key components: an encoder that compresses files and a decoder that decompresses them.

There are two types of codecs, the so-called lossless and lossy codecs. During decompression, lossless codecs, such as PKZIP and PNG codecs, reproduce the exact same file as original files. Lossy compression methods, on the other hand, produce a facsimile of the original file that sounds (or looks) like the original but takes up less storage space in .

Aug 29, 2022

Who Will Survive The AI Revolution?

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Fascinating perspective on a subject most of us are deeply familiar with.

Thank you to Full Sail University for sponsoring this video! Check them out at https://www.fullsail.edu/wisecrack.

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Aug 25, 2022

DIE KRUPPS — Robo Sapien (Official Music Video) [HD]

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“Robo Sapien” taken from the album “The Machinists Of Joy”.
Directed by: Jay Gillian.
Camera OP and Computer Animation: Shane Williams.
Produced by Cinematek Film & Television.
Robo Sapien provided by: JG and the Robots www.JGandtheRobots.com.


Aug 24, 2022

A deep learning framework to enhance the capabilities of a robotic sketching agent

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In recent years, deep learning algorithms have achieved remarkable results in a variety of fields, including artistic disciplines. In fact, many computer scientists worldwide have successfully developed models that can create artistic works, including poems, paintings and sketches.

Researchers at Seoul National University have recently introduced a new artistic framework, which is designed to enhance the skills of a sketching . Their framework, introduced in a paper presented at ICRA 2022 and pre-published on arXiv, allows a sketching robot to learn both stroke-based rendering and motor control simultaneously.

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Aug 24, 2022

Turning Quantum States into Music at Australia’s First Ever Qiskit Hackathon

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By Robert Davis and Desiree Vogt-Lee

Quantum computing is notoriously counterintuitive; it challenges us to grapple with concepts that can be difficult to imagine. We often rely on our sense of sight to make those concepts a little easier to grasp, by representing quantum information with visualization models like the Q-sphere or the circuit diagram, and even creative visual arts projects like the recent Quantum Circuit Disks series. But what happens when we represent quantum using not only imagery, but also sound?

One team of Australian researchers is showing the world exactly what that looks like with a project that turns quantum circuits into music videos. That project, which the creators have named “qMuVi” (“quantum Music Video”), earned the titles of both 1st place winner and Community Choice winner at the recent Qiskit Hackathon Melbourne, a hybrid in-person and virtual event held in early July that marked the first ever Qiskit Hackathon in Australia. The event brought together 35 participants over four days to learn about quantum computing and Qiskit, and to use their new knowledge to hack together a diverse array of novel quantum computing projects. The event as a whole was a tremendous success. But before we talk about that, let’s take a closer look at that winning quantum music videos project.

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Aug 19, 2022

How Does the TARDIS Work?

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The TARDIS is the iconic time machine and spacecraft from the popular sci-fi series Doctor Who. The TARDIS functions by folding space using technology that taps into higher dimensions. But is there any scientific basis for this?

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Aug 16, 2022

Human-machine interfaces work underwater, generate their own power

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Wearable human-machine interface devices, HMIs, can be used to control machines, computers, music players, and other systems. A challenge for conventional HMIs is the presence of sweat on human skin.

In Applied Physics Reviews, scientists at UCLA describe their development of a type of HMI that is stretchable, inexpensive, and waterproof. The device is based on a soft magnetoelastic sensor array that converts mechanical pressure from the press of a finger into an .

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Aug 15, 2022

FBL67: Jacob Ward — How AI Shapes Our Choices & Bad Habits

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This week our guest is NBC technology correspondent, Jacob Ward, who recently released his book, The Loop: How Technology Is Creating a World Without Choices and How to Fight Back. In this episode we focus broadly on the ways in which technology and AI are learning from the worst instincts of human beings, and then using those bad behaviors to shape our future choices. As a result, Jacob suggests this creates feedback loops of increasingly limited and increasingly short-sighted behavior. This conversation includes exploring topics such as big data, bad incentives for programmers, profit motives, historical bias reflected in data, system 1 vs system 2 thinking, and much more.

Find out more about Jacob at jacobward.com or follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/byjacobward ** Host: Steven Parton — LinkedIn / Twitter Music by: Amine el Filali.


Aug 14, 2022

File or directory not found

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https://www.jpost.com/health-and-wellness/article-714670 https://youtu.be/uc6f_2npsx8

The seeds of innovation appear to be seedless. According to game-changing research led by our very own Dr. Lior Rubinovich, it is now finally possible to grow avocado plants solely from tissue culture. Why is this good? Aside from being free of deformities, disease-proof, and significantly fast-growing – cultivated avocado plants mean genetic uniformity, which implies that all plants originate from the same delicious, nutritious, and healthy tissue. The founding of Bestree means a great deal for the northern region of Israel, both financially and innovatively. Therefore, we are proud to share this inspiring research with the rest of the world! Read more about Bestree & cultivated avocados in the full article https://www.ice.co.il/media/news/article/876527

האם ניתן לרבות שתילי אבוקדו בתרביות ריקמה? עד לפני כמה חודשים התשובה הייתה: “אולי, אבל טרם הצלחנו להבין כיצד לעשות זאת” היום התמונה היא אחרת, בעקבות מחקרו פורץ הדרך של ד“ר ליאור רובינוביץ’ הפך אבוקדו שמיוצר בתרבית ריקמה לרעיון שלא רק ניתן ליישמו במעבדה אלא גם למסחרו ולהביאו כבשורה לחקלאות העולמית! זהו פיתוחה וחזונה של חב’ Bestree אשר הוקמה על בסיס מחקרו של רבינוביץ’ ונחנכה בטקס חגיגי בקיבוץ אל-רום שבגליל. מעבר ליתרונות השיווקיים והכלכליים של המהלך – הקמתה של חב’ Bestree שמה את מיגל בשורה הראשונה של מכוני מחקר בעולם ובכך מקדמת גם את הפיתוח וההתחדשות החקלאית והמדעית של צפון מדינת ישראל! לחצו לקריאה מורחבת אודות חב’ Bestree https://www.ice.co.il/media/news/article/876527

Music video by Styx performing Mr. Roboto. © 1983 A&M Records.

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Aug 6, 2022

Can We Throw Satellites to Space? — SpinLaunch

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A new deep dive into this fascinating, possibly game changing tool to RAPIDLY build space infrastructure that would otherwise take far longer and cost more to lift into orbit with rockets.

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