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Nov 16, 2011

CERN: Stop Representing Anti-Science!

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CERN’s refusal to quote scientific criticism for years represents anti-scientific behavior. The obvious explanation: a military-like obedience. All German university professors can be dishonorably discharged five years into the past while having to pay back their gross salaries for telling the truth, as happened to my wife, an endocrinologist. A similar obedience law is manifestly effective in the German-led European mini-state of CERN.

All 10.000 CERN scientists obeyed the order not to quote my results but proceed with the experiment in defiance. They thereby shut themselves out of the scientific community, a fraud that is bound to cost CERN the privilege to grant PhDs. But this academic consequence is negligible by comparison.

My danger-proving results were first sent to Dr. Mangano in early 2008, to be published in July the same year (long before his in this respect mute ”Safety Report” appeared). They survived a discussion with the Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik in March 2009 and got since sharpened into the “Telemach” theorem on the Internet. Telemach remains un-contradicted by all colleagues while confirmed independently by professor Richard J. Cook, Air Force Academy, whose arxiv paper “Gravitational space dilation” arrived independently at T, L, M (the Time, Length, Mass change of Telemach) and was followed by an explicit confirmation of number 4 (the charge change, Ch) which I was asked to make public.

If our joint result stays un-disproved, then the implications are unprecedented: a new situation brought upon every earthling – not to survive the next 5 years with an apparently percentage-range probability. By inflicting such horror, Europe makes itself an enemy of every person on the planet.

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Nov 12, 2011

An Answer to Robin McKie and “zint“ – so far only in German

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On http://www.freitag.de/wissen/1145-der-schampus-wird-warm I wrote a few minutes ago:

Ich möchte dem „Freitag“ und Robin McKie (und „zint“) danken, dass sie das heiße Thema LHC thematisiert haben, wobei zint auch das Thema “Schwarze Löcher”, die zu generieren einmal das Hauptziel des LH waren, anspricht. Nun wurden diese (ebenso wie das Higgs) offenbar nicht gefunden.

Hierbei gibt es jedoch einen interessanten Unterschied zum Higgs: Während man bei dem letzteren zu wissen glaubt, dass man es in einem bestimmten engen Fenster finden muss, wenn es existiert, hat man keine vergleichbaren Anhaltspunkte beim Mini-Schwarzen Loch. Nur, wenn es die berühmte hypothetische Hawkingstrahlung gibt, gibt es eine sichere “Signatur”. Wenn es sie nicht gibt, bleibt noch die erwartete elektrische Geladenheit einer Teilfraktion der erhofften Schwarzen Löcher ein detektierbarer Faktor. Für beide Möglichkeiten wurden offenbar keine Anzeichen gefunden bisher. Daraus schloss das CERN in seinen entsprechenden wissenschaftlichen Papers, dass keine Schwarzen Löcher produziert wurden. Das war für die ganze Welt sehr beruhigend.

CERN widerspricht allerdings nicht, dass es bei der Mitteilung dieses “Ergebnisses” mit Bedacht wissenschaftliche Literatur unerwähnt ließ, aus der hervorgeht, dass die beiden vorausgesetzten Eigenschaften widerlegt sind.

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Nov 9, 2011

Planet versus Einstein

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Einstein could see through. His most powerful (“happiest”) thought was the equivalence principle. This is the insight that you can equate what happens in ordinary acceleration with gravity. Newton had seen it before, as Thibault Damour found out, but the universal speed of light made it a magic lamp.

The “gravitational clock slowdown” immediately spotted as an implication by Einstein, is the greatest breakthrough in the history of science. It was never given the attention it deserves. 3 corollaries got discovered since. They were not embraced by Einstein at the time out of cautious modesty because quantum mechanics was not yet known in 1907. Einstein’s famous slow-down of photon frequency on the lower floor goes hand in hand with 3 further changes: a proportional reduction in the mass of all locally stationary bodies by virtue of quantum mechanical creation-annihilation; a proportional increase in all local lengths mediated by quantum mechanics; and a proportional reduction in all local charges, covarying with mass. The 4 changes (in T, L, M and Ch) are locally counterfactual. The length change L has the further corollary that the speed of light c becomes globally (and not just locally) constant.

Professor Richard J. Cook of the Air Force Academy arrived at the same results on the basis of Einstein’s later mature theory of general relativity. He saw the further corollary of a locally counterfactual quadratic change in the gravitational constant G. The at first overlooked change in charge was graciously conceded.

These new results have ground-breaking implications (no Ur-meter, no Ur-kilogram, no Ur-charge). Most importantly, they come at a critical moment in history. For their previous lack is responsible for an experiment being carried out in all innocence that with a sizeable probability leads to panbiocide in a few years’ time.

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Nov 7, 2011

Stupi-CERN, Stupi-Europe, Stupi-Netanjahu, Stupi-Ahmadinejad

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All 4 busy killing the future, none of them helping to understand and to implement the human right to be spared cruelty and be given Lampsacus (hometown of all persons on the Internet).

Will Egypt help me save the planet?

Nov 6, 2011

The Planet Orders All CERN Scientists to “Either Prove Rossler Wrong or Go to Jail”

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I am aware that the a-priori probability of my being right with the above statement is negligible – were it not for the fact that my results stay un-disproved for 4 years as natural corollaries to Einstein’s “happiest thought.”

(To witness: Einstein saw that on a lower floor, all clocks are slowed-down. I was able to add that they also are proportionally enlarged in size and reduced in mass and in charge. From this corollary it follows that “black holes” – hoped to be produced at CERN – arise more readily; do not Hawking-evaporate; are undetectable at CERN; and grow exponentially inside earth.)

All my competent critics – including Hermann Nicolai of the Albert-Einstein-Institut and Nobel laureate Gerard ‘t Hooft – fell silent long ago. But notwithstanding the proof of danger and detector blindness lying on the table, CERN went ahead for more than a year risking “panbiocide” (Hilgartner) through inadvertently planting an at first undetectable bomb into earth.

The planet is now in the wake-up phase. In this phase, an added danger arises: a Khmer-rouge-like world-wide reflex against science and Europe. This danger it would be wise to keep under the rug – were it not for the fact that CERN has announced to boost up the risk next year.

Therefore, dear CERN and Europe: please, apologize to the planet. Or else prove me wrong, as no one hopes for more dearly than I do.

Nov 4, 2011

I never defamed CERN. I only openly ask them to defend themselves …

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… against the publicly offered scientific proof that they risked and plan to further risk the survival of every human being. This is not a defamation but an accusation.

I ask them to defend themselves. If they do not do so, the whole world sees that they are guilty. I apologize that I am bringing them in this precarious situation if they cannot answer. The whole world sees their predicament. I would love nothing more than to help them out of it. Their cooperation is all I am asking for. Please, dear colleagues at CERN, cooperate with me in my trying to rescue you.

If you treat me as an enemy, the message to the world thereby generated is tantamount to publicly pleding guilty. Your seeming claque is a claque on the march to jail and to the end of science. Why are you so collectively blind to choose this road of non-defending yourself in the only language that can help, that of science?

Nov 2, 2011

Why the LHC won’t kill you — the podcast

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With some help from colleagues, I recently produced a 365 Days of Astronomy podcast on why anti-CERN conspiracy theories about the LHC creating Earth-swallowing black holes really don’t make much sense.

The transcript is also available for reading on the 365 Days site if you are not a podcast fan.


Steve Nerlich (Space Settlement Board member and Death-by-LHC skeptic)

Nov 1, 2011

UNESCO Possesses Observer Status at CERN, but It …

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… but it also represents the benevolent side of humanity.

I therefore herewith publicly ask UNESCO as an Austrian citizen with Jewish ancestors to convoke the scientific safety conference necessary to exculpate CERN.

I am the only friend CERN possesses on the globe through my insisting on their exculpation if possible. For the indictment against CERN reads: “Attempted Panbiocide.”

The proposed scientific safety conference has as its only aim the finding of evidence that my proof of danger is false. My proof implies that the miniature black holes officially attempted to be generated by CERN will shrink the earth to 2 cm in perhaps 5 years’ time: if one of them is slow enough to stay inside earth as is bound to happen after a certain period of operation which may or may not have been exceeded already. CERN is blind to its own success (if it occurred) for refusing to install the detectors needed in light of the new result. Instead they did their best to produce black holes for about a year with increasing luminosity.

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Oct 28, 2011

I Herewith Request the Help of “Occupy”

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Occupy is faceless but benevolent.

My scientific colleagues are faceless but malevolent: They refuse to try to defuse my results but agree to an experiment being continued that if those results are correct is pangeocidal.

The worst scandal of history and no public voice on my side: Can Occupy save the planet by asking for clarification?

Oct 26, 2011

I Immediately Abandon My “Jewish” Resistance to CERN if Someone Can Prove:

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1) Black holes can be charged — in contrast to my relativistic disproof (Telemach theorem)

2) Black holes can evaporate — in contrast to my relativistic disproof (Telemach theorem)

3) Black holes can grow in superfluid neutron star cores — in contrast to my quantum disproof

4) Black holes cannot grow exponentially inside earth — in contrast to my chaos proof