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Jul 6, 2011

CERN by Not Updating Its Three-Years-Old Safety Page Compromises the Quoted Scientists

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The safety page of CERN — http://press.web.cern.ch/public/en/lhc/safety-en.html – is 3 years old. Everything written there is outdated. The scientists quoted by name and word therefore are at risk to lose their face. For their statements which are taken to represent their best reasoned opinion are misleading in case any new safety-relevant results have surfaced in the meantime.

Therefore I ask the scientists, quoted verbatim by CERN as its supporters, to update their reasoned opinions. Specifically, I dare ask the following 8 persons to update:

1) Dear Nobel Laureate Vitaly Ginzburg:

Do you still uphold your 2008 public statement that you think that any concern

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Jul 1, 2011

Public Appeal to the Executive President of the Security Council, Dr. Guido Westerwelle

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Lease, give a statement to the effect that the planet’s short-term survival is NOT threatened by CERN’s currently running LHC experiment. There is un-disproved scientific evidence that to the contrary. Thank you.

Otto E. Rossler, University of Tubingen, Germany

Jun 26, 2011

Idiotic Blunder Behind Risked Planet

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At issue is the likely production by CERN of miniature black holes that in a small fraction will get stuck inside earth to eat it inside out in a few years’ time.

The “scientific safety conference” recently demanded by a Cologne court is being shunned by CERN while the world’s media keep their mouth shut. What is the rationale behind this “interesting time”?

Answer: Official belief in miracles. The whole physics community is convinced that even though light takes an infinite time to reach the surface of a black hole or come up from it, particles could do either trip in finite outside time. Famous theories speaking of an “information paradox” and “cosmic censorship” were built around this assumption so that the whole scientific community lost sight of the underlying breach of logic.

While clearly a treat for any future historian of science, this irrational belief remains not without consequences: Every day and every minute, the planet is being consciously sacrificed on the altar of this superstition. CERN refuses to reply. No high-ranking scientist on the planet speaks up for it.

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Jun 20, 2011

Dear Jerusalem – Wake up!

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I herewith ask the Hebrew University to withdraw the honorary doctorate given yesterday to the German minister of science because this minister is responsible for the worst threat to the survival of Israel.

She refuses the scientific safety conference asked for by a Cologne court, the only aim of which is the assessment of the mentioned danger: just to have a look.

Not looking is the worst human sin. A father who does not look when a lion comes close to his child is no father. Please, dear fellow Jewish people, start taking seriously the scientific proof of danger of the LHC experiment that Dr. Walter Wagner and I have given.

Prof. Otto E. Rossler, chaos researcher, University of Tubingen (For J.O.R.)

Jun 18, 2011

Five Fateful Coincidences

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- Black holes do not evaporate.

- Black holes are uncharged.

- Black holes cannot eat neutron stars from within.

- Black holes grow exponentially inside earth.

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Jun 13, 2011

Dear Dr. Hawking

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Dear Dr. Hawking:

Excuse the public letter.

Europe does not object that it is betting the planet on the existence of Hawking radiation.

Hawking radiation got disproved implicitly by Kuypers in 2005 and explicitly in my “gothic-R theorem” of 2007 and my “Telemach theorem” of 2010. The pertinent paper which is on www.russian.lifeboat.com goes un-rejected for months by the Albert-Einstein Institute to which it was submitted.

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Jun 11, 2011

Why the LHC won’t destroy the Earth

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I just posted this story on Universe Today — which is a science-based moderated blog (i.e. any pet theories and psuedoscience nonsense are cut out).

The story offers a quick precise of why there is zero danger of the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) destroying the Earth, but also a (hopefully) interesting discourse on cosmic rays.

This is the kind of interesting science we might see on this blog if it was moderated Eric!

Steve Nerlich (Member of the Board)

Jun 10, 2011


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CERN does not object that all 4 pillars of its safety reports (Hawking evaporation, chargedness of black holes, neutron stars as guinea pigs, long duration of earth being eaten inside out) have been disproved scientifically.

Nevertheless it continues in full view of the eyes of the world. No one can understand this – and that it should have eluded all media.

Jun 6, 2011

With no other Jewish person speaking up, I am authorized to say in the name of Jacob: “The ‘Lord’ Orders CERN to Stop until Proven Innocuous”

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I have got to explain.

I am a stupid scientist who found a new result in general relativity. When I showed it to a specialist 4 years ago, he said it has repercussions on the LHC. I did not know what LHC means (the large proton – a form of hadron — collisions experiment at CERN). In trying to defuse his apparent joke, I found that all other safety arguments fizzle, each for an independent reason. In this way the merely hypothesized danger proved real. However, with no specialist working in all pertinent subfields, it is hard to convince a CERN scientist that the colleague working in the next field lacks the liberating information that he himself admits not to have. The independent new Tubingen results are: in general relativity — that there is no Hawking radiation and there are no charged black holes; in quantum mechanics — that neutron stars are immune to invading black holes; in chaos theory — that ultraslow black holes grow exponentially inside earth. The uncanny coincidence amounts to a trap posed by nature to humankind with its on-going attempt to create miniature black holes at CERN.

My central theorem, Telemach, complements Einstein’s time-slowing effect of gravity (T) by an equally strong length-increasing (L), mass decreasing (M) and charge-decreasing (Ch) effect. Telemach meets with no public resistance from the part of the specialists who had criticized my previous more sophisticated gothic-R theorem (Hermann Nicolai, Gerhard Huisken, Gerard ‘t Hooft and Rolf Heuer). The planet’s public media do not dare interview the mentioned colleagues. And the recent official request made by a Cologne court to convoke a scientific safety conference goes unreported.

The persecution of my family by the state which culminated in the expulsion from our inherited house ten years ago may contribute to the planet-wide shrugging-off of what I say.

I learned that I am Jewish only after my young son had been killed at age 7, from my Semitist father who told me that this religion does not hold the sins of the fathers against the sons. He died soon thereafter 20 years ago. I know I am not worthy to solicit the support of Israel. But I feel a duty to make good on the sin of my father who participated translating newspapers as a less courageous dissident colleague of Kurt Gerstein’s in Tubingen. It is a strange twist of fate that I am forced by a chain of independent scientific results, which if broken at one point ceases to hold water, to act as a warner of Israel. I ask Jacob’s forgiveness for my being given the role of speaking up on his behalf by a streak of non-coincidental looking twists in the laws of nature. (For J.O.R.)

Jun 2, 2011

Press Release:

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“Who can prove that my Telemach theorem is false?” (See https://russian.lifeboat.com/blog/2011/05/osama-bin-cern .)

The paper shows that masses, meter sticks and charges suffer a change by Einstein’s gravitational clock-slowdown factor.

The charge non-conservation is the most baffling. It was found independently by György Darvas of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. (See http://www.springerlink.com/content/0020-7748/?k=Darvas.)

Black holes suddenly have new properties (no Hawking radiation, no charge) and urmeter and urkilogram disappear. The theoretical foundations of the currently running LHC experiment are gone. The request for a scientific safety conference made by the Cologne Administrative Court can no longer be ignored.

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