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Aug 16, 2019

AI Startup Boom Raises Questions of Exaggerated Tech Savvy

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Promise yields hype; hype yields false promises.

Engineer.ai says it uses artificial intelligence to help automate app-development. Current and former staffers say the company inflates its technical prowess to attract customers and investors.

Aug 15, 2019

The Dawn of AI (Machine Learning Tribes | Deep Learning | What Is Machine Learning)

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In the past few videos in this series, we have delved quite deep into the field of machine learning, discussing both supervised and unsupervised learning.

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Aug 15, 2019

AI validates evolution’s oldest mathematical model

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Butterfly co-mimic pairs from the species Heliconius erato (odd columns) and Heliconius melpomene (even columns) sorted by greatest similarity (along rows, top left to bottom right) using machine learning.

J Hoyal Cuthill

Aug 14, 2019

DeepMind’s Losses and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Alphabet’s DeepMind lost $572 million last year. What does it mean?

Aug 14, 2019

DNA Data Storage Is About To Go Viral

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With a “hello,” Microsoft and UW demonstrate the first fully-automated DNA data storage and retrieval system. Photo: Microsoft.

Aug 14, 2019

This Hydroponic Farm Is Run Entirely By Robots

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Iron Ox has just opened its first fully automated farm in San Carlos, California. The company claims that their hydroponic system can produce 30 times the yield per acre of land comparing to traditional farms, while using 90% less water.

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Aug 14, 2019

Scotland Enters Vertical Farming with Total Automation

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Another Vertical Garden post from Amber. Read more about this topic on Garden Culture Magazine.

Aug 14, 2019

We Need to Replace Moore’s Law to Make Way For Quantum Computers, But What’s Next?

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A new disruptive technology is on the horizon and it promises to take computing power to unprecedented and unimaginable heights.

And to predict the speed of progress of this new “quantum computing” technology, the director of Google’s Quantum AI Labs, Hartmut Neven, has proposed a new rule similar to the Moore’s Law that has measured the progress of computers for more than 50 years.

But can we trust “Neven’s Law” as a true representation of what is happening in quantum computing and, most importantly, what is to come in the future? Or is it simply too early on in the race to come up with this type of judgement?

Aug 14, 2019

Earthworm-Inspired Robot Wins $10,000 Student Scholarship

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THE INSTITUTE Teenager Ari Firester watched on television last year as members of a youth soccer team were saved from a flooded cave in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand. The two-week-long effort, which left one rescuer dead, inspired Firester to create a technology that might prevent such a tragedy from occurring again.

Firester, 16, a junior at Hunter College High School in New York City, created “Wormbot,” an earthworm-inspired robot capable of maneuvering in narrow spaces. The project was displayed at Intel’s annual International Science and Engineering Fair, held in May in Phoenix. His invention earned him the US $10,000 IEEE Presidents’ Scholarship, which is given at the fair.

Controlled by an Arduino microcontroller and built with off-the-shelf items, the robot makes wormlike movements by using eight retractable claws along its length to grip its surroundings and prevent it from slipping. The modular robot is powered by compressed air. The control and power components are connected to the robot through a thin, plastic air tube. By using inflatable actuators, its body can be lengthened, shortened, or bent.

Aug 14, 2019

A robot dispatcher and a self-driving truck just sent a load ‘without any human involvement’

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This week, two companies say that their technologies were able to work together successfully broker and transport a load without any human help.

On Thursday, July 8, Starsky Robotics and Loadsmart issued an announcement about the trucking industry’s first autonomous dispatch and delivery.

The companies say that this “marks the first time an autonomous company and a digital broker have collaborated to price, book and load a shipment without any human involvement.”

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