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Oct 8, 2019

Facebook’s AI uses schemas to teach robots to manipulate objects in less than 10 hours of training

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In a new paper, Facebook researchers propose an AI technique that uses schemas to teach robots to manipulate objects in less than 10 hours of training.

Oct 7, 2019

Could a robot be prime minister? Machines will soon be smart enough to run the world, says futurist

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Radio program The Current had me on this morning discussing #transhumanism, specifically #robots & #AI running for political office. It’s Canada’s most listened to radio program with millions of listeners. Here’s a fun write-up of it:

We ask if we should ditch flesh-and-blood politicians, and give the robots a go at leadership.

Oct 7, 2019

The Best Robot Lawn Mowers for 2019

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If you’ve got better things to do than spend every Saturday pushing a noisy gas-powered mower around your yard, consider investing in a robot lawn mower and letting it do the work for you. Get started with some of the best we’ve tested.

Oct 7, 2019

Cheetah Robot runs 28.3 mph; a bit faster than Usain Bolt

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Cheetah Robot is a fast-running quadruped developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA. It just blazed past its previous speed record, getting up to 28.3 mph, about 0.5 mph faster than Usain Bolt’s fastest 20 meter split. This version of the Cheetah Robot runs on a treadmill with offboard power. Testing on an untethered outdoor version starts early next year. For more information about Cheetah or the other robots we develop, visit www.BostonDynamics.com.

Oct 7, 2019

From The Brain To AI (Neural Networks | What Is Deep Learning | Deep Learning Basics)

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From the brain to AI :

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Oct 7, 2019

Robot revolution: Humanity 10 years away from major breakthrough, predicts expert

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ROBOTS will be assisting surgeons to carry out complex medical procedures within ten years, offering just one example of how the rapidly evolving scientific field will change the world as the 21st century progresses, a robotic engineer has predicted.

Oct 6, 2019

“Human Compatible” is a provocative prescription to re-think AI before it’s too late

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Dr. Stuart Russell, a distinguished AI researcher and computer scientist at UC Berkeley, believes there is a fundamental and potentially civilization-ending shortcoming in the “standard model” of AI, which is taught (and Dr. Russell wrote the main textbook) and applied virtually everywhere. Dr. Russell’s new book, Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control, argues that unless we re-think the building blocks of AI, the arrival of superhuman AI may become the “last event in human history.”

That may sound a bit wild-eyed, but Human Compatible is a carefully written explanation of the concepts underlying AI as well as the history of their development. If you want to understand how fast AI is developing and why the technology is so dangerous, Human Compatible is your guide, literally starting with Aristotle and closing with OpenAI Five’s Dota 2 triumph.

An interview with Dr. Stuart Russell, author of “Human Compatible, Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control”

Oct 6, 2019

Bank employs AI-powered ‘digital DNA human’

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Bank employs AI-powered “digital DNA human”

Arab Banking Corporation (Bank ABC), in collaboration with New Zealand tech company, Soul Machines, has announced the launch of “Fatema” – a fully autonomous AI personality that will assist customers online.

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Oct 6, 2019

A.I. musicians are a growing trend. What does that mean for the music industry?

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The most prolific musical artists manage to release one, maybe two, studio albums in a year. Rappers can sometimes put out three or four mixtapes during that same time. However, Auxuman plans to put out a new full-length album, featuring hot up-and-coming artists like Yona, Mony, Gemini, Hexe, and Zoya, every single month. How? The power of artificial intelligence of course.

Before this goes any further, don’t worry: You’re not hopelessly out of touch with today’s pop music. Yona, Mony, Gemini, and the rest of the bunch aren’t real musicians. Well, at least not in the sense that you could meet them and shake their hands. They’re A.I. personalities, each with their own characters and genres, which have been created by Auxuman, an artificial intelligence startup based in London.

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Oct 6, 2019

SingularityNET and TODA partner to create scalable platforms for decentralized AI

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Today, it was announced that the SingularityNET and TODA ecosystems will be joining forces to create scalable platforms and a product accelerator for decentralized AI.

The partnership brings blockchain AI pioneer SingularityNET and its enterprise-AI spinoff Singularity Studio together with TODA.Network and TODAQ from the TODA Protocol family.

Technical teams from both ecosystems are experimenting with bringing the two technologies together on the operational level, by building a “Singularity-on-TODA” system in which SingularityNET AI agents can optionally utilize the TODA protocol rather than Ethereum for their interactions.

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