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Nov 22, 2023

Art chrétien, exploration spatiale et civilisation humaine

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Auteur: Dr.Nonthapat PULSIRI (La Chaire SIRIUS, France), sous la direction de Dr.Victor DOS SANTOS PAULINO (La Chaire SIRIUS, France)

Langue française vérifiée par MM. Julia GOUT, Institut Catholique de Toulouse

Remarque: Cet article est publié par “Tota Pulchra” au Vatican
Lien: https://totapulchra.news/art-chretien-exploration-spatiale/


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Nov 21, 2023

How Legged Robots—Like NASA’s Mars Dog—Could Revolutionize Space Exploration

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Move over Perseverance, a new kind of robot is coming to town.

Nov 19, 2023

SpaceX Starship forced to give up and self-destruct after losing signal

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We have lost the data from the second stage…

SpaceX/ Twitter.

The much-anticipated launch was scheduled to take place yesterday, November 17, but had to be delayed by a day to swap out one of the Super Heavy first-stage booster’s grid fins.

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Nov 18, 2023

SpaceX Starship launches on 2nd integrated test flight, booster explodes after separation

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SpaceX Starship 25 and Super Heavy booster 9 launched to orbit on Nov. 18, 2023 from the Starbase facility in South Texas. Following the launch, the booster had a Rapid Unplanned Disassembly (RUD) shortly after separation.

Starship consists of a first-stage booster called Super Heavy and an upper-stage spacecraft known (a bit confusingly) as Starship. Both of these elements are designed to be fully and rapidly reusable. SpaceX thinks the vehicle will make the settlement of Mars — a long-held dream of company founder and CEO Elon Musk — economically feasible in the not-too-distant future.

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Nov 18, 2023

SpaceX Launches Second Starship Flight Test

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SpaceX is targeting Saturday for the second flight of Starship. The company has received regulatory approval for the flight. The flight will feature the newly added hot staging ring, allowing the Ship to separate from the Booster while the Booster engines are still firing. The stack features multiple upgrades compared to the first flight, including 63 upgrades SpaceX submitted to the FAA to mitigate issues from the first flight. Ahead of the launch, SpaceX will close the road, evacuate the village and surrounding area, and clear the potential blast radius.

Booster 9 will attempt a soft splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico, while Ship 25 will attempt to fly around the earth before performing a reentry and hard splashdown in the Hawaiian area.

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Nov 17, 2023

Starship lunar lander missions to require nearly 20 launches, NASA says

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BERLIN — As SpaceX prepares for its next Starship test flight, a NASA official said that the use of that vehicle for Artemis lunar landings will require “in the high teens” of launches, a much higher number than what the company’s leadership has previously claimed.

In a presentation at a meeting of the NASA Advisory Council’s human exploration and operations committee Nov. 17, Lakiesha Hawkins, assistant deputy associate administrator in NASA’s Moon to Mars Program Office, said the company will have to perform Starship launches from both its current pad in Texas and one it is constructing at the Kennedy Space Center in order send a lander to the moon for Artemis 3.

SpaceX’s concept of operations for the Starship lunar lander it is developing for the Human Landing System (HLS) program requires multiple launches of the Starship/Super Heavy system. One launch will place a propellant depot into orbit, followed by multiple other launches of tanker versions of Starship, transferring methane and liquid oxygen propellants into the depot. That will be followed by the lander version of Starship, which will rendezvous with the depot and fill its tanks before going to the moon.

Nov 17, 2023

Sierra Space lays off hundreds in push toward first Dream Chaser spaceplane launch

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Sierra Space, one of the sector’s most valuable private companies, laid off several hundred employees and contractors this week, CNBC has learned.

A Sierra Space spokesperson confirmed the company let go of about 165 employees on Thursday, but declined to specify the number of contractors affected. Former Sierra Space employees told CNBC that the layoffs included a significant number of contractors, with the cuts including hundreds of personnel in total.

The laid-off employees received two weeks of paid non-working notice, plus four weeks of severance pay and health care benefits through the end of the year. Sierra Space had about 2,000 employees before reducing its workforce, the company spokesperson said.

Nov 17, 2023

The most powerful rocket ever built is about to attempt a second launch. Here’s what’s at stake

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SpaceX’s Starship rocket system is on the launchpad once again, preparing for its second test flight after a fiery explosion ended its first attempt in April.

Nov 16, 2023

With 1st Vulcan Centaur launch on tap, ULA prepares for busy 2024

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United Launch Alliance has its missing rocket piece in hand at Cape Canaveral and all systems are go for a Christmas Eve launch to mark the debut of its Vulcan Centaur rocket.

A new Centaur upper stage arrived by barge to the Space Coast on Monday, a replacement for the stage ULA originally planned to fly on the Certification-1 mission this past May. That initial flight, already delayed for nearly two years, was again put on hold after an issue with a test version of the Centaur stage was destroyed amid a massive fireball in the spring, requiring design changes to ensure a repeat didn’t happen during actual liftoff.

“The path to flight 1 is clear,” said ULA President and CEO Tory Bruno. “All we need to do is integrate the stage onto the vehicle. We do all kinds of system testing anytime we touch it, so we’ll have to pass all of that, get through the [wet dress rehearsal] and then integrate the payload, and off to space,”

Nov 16, 2023

SpaceX delays second Starship test launch to Nov. 18 to replace rocket part

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SpaceX delayed its second test flight of a Starship rocket and Super Heavy booster to no earlier than Saturday (Nov. 18), to replace a rocket part.

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