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Oct 14, 2023

An Explanation of The Quantum Vacuum Interstellar Ramjet: The Game Changing Drive You Haven’t Heard

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#spacetravel #quantumvacuum IRIS-AsteronX & The Eos Project.
Website: www.asteronx.com Links to research papers: Shinichi Seike, 1969, “Quantum Electric Space Vehicle”, 8th Symposium on Space Technology and Science, Tokyo. Froning, H. D., “Propulsion Requirements for a Quantum Interstellar Ramjet”, Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, vol. 33, p. 265, 1980.Froning, H. D., “Investigation of a quantum ramjet for interstellar flight” (AIAA Preprint 81–1534, 1981).Robert L. Forward, Extracting Electrical Energy From the Vacuum by Cohesion of Charged Foliated Conductors, Physical Review B, Vol. 30, pp. 1700–1702 (1984).“Casimir-cavity-induced conductance changes,” G. Moddel, A. Weerakkody, D. Doroski, D. Bartusiak, Physical Review Research, 3, L022007 (2021); DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.3.L022007.Garret Moddel: Zero-Point Energy Technology.
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https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UC2kkCGRqZWaSIK3BmLC8vaw/music(Natural Light) by Chris Haugen.
(Mind Stream) by Chris HaugenYouTube Audio Library License.
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these music files (e.g., standalone distribution of these files is not permitted).Free music by Scott Buckley.
https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/(What we don’t say) by Scott Buckley.
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released under CC-BY 4.0
www.scottbuckley.com.au https://www.scottbuckley.com.au/

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Oct 13, 2023

NASA spacecraft launched to mysterious and rare metal asteroid in first mission of its kind

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A NASA spacecraft has rocketed away on a six-year journey to a rare asteroid made of metal. SpaceX launched the Psyche spacecraft on Friday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Oct 13, 2023

NASA, SpaceX set to launch Psyche mission to metallic asteroid

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NASA and SpaceX teams are set to launch the agency’s Psyche mission to metallic asteroid 16 Psyche from Florida on Friday, Oct. 13. Psyche will launch atop a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Launch is currently scheduled for 10:19 AM EDT (14:19 UTC). Current weather forecasts from the 45th Weather Squadron predict a 40% chance for favorable weather at liftoff. Should the launch be scrubbed due to weather, backup launch opportunities are available throughout the following days. Psyche’s launch window lasts from Oct. 5 to Oct. 25.

Psyche will be the first mission to ever visit and extensively study a metallic asteroid. 16 Psyche is thought to have once been the core of forming planetesimal back when the solar system was first forming. If this prediction is true, 16 Psyche could provide planetary scientists with incredible amounts of information and insight into how planets form and what the cores of planets like Earth, Mars, and Mercury look like.

Oct 13, 2023

Psyche Launches to a Metal Asteroid (Official NASA Broadcast)

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Watch the Psyche spacecraft launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. NASA and SpaceX are now targeting launch at 1…

Oct 11, 2023

Mercedes partners with the world’s only carbon-neutral spaceship

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Mercedes-Maybach has joined forces with Space Perspective, the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company, to offer customers an emissions-free luxurious ride into 100,000 feet into space for those wishing for a space experience like no other. Rides to the spaceship are provided by Mercedes-Maybach electric vehicles.

Sustainable, accessible and safe

The firms describe the craft used for these travels called Spaceship Neptune as “the most accessible, most sustainable, and safest spacecraft on or above Planet Earth. It comprises of the SpaceBalloon, Reserve Descent System and Neptune Capsule.”

Oct 8, 2023

How magnetic fusion plasma engines can take us to outer space

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These systems are based on nuclear fusion.

How do we get beyond our solar system? Current technologies simply can’t support this type of travel. However, speaking to Universe Today.

Shigemi Numazawa/ Project Daedalus.

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Oct 8, 2023

2010: The Year We Make Contact

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In the year 2001, the spaceship Discovery is betrayed by its on-board computer, HAL, while on a mission to Jupiter. Nine years later, with the United States and Russia on the brink of war, the superpowers launch a joint mission to return to the Discovery in 2010: The Year We Make Contact. During the three-year voyage to Jupiter, world war breaks out on Earth, threatening to extend to the spaceship. But the ghostly presence of Dave Bowman (Keir Dullea) of the Discovery crew intervenes, warning that something grand, dangerous and wonderful is about to occur…

Oct 7, 2023

Japan kick-starts research to build next-gen reusable rocket

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JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) have joined forces to design and develop the new launcher.

The reusable rockets are poised to be a game-changer technology in the modern era of space exploration. Elon Musk’s SpaceX took the lead in showcasing the effectiveness of reusable rockets, thus establishing a model for other companies and space agencies to follow in advancing this technology.

Now, Japan is working towards incorporating this technology into its future space transportation programs.

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Oct 7, 2023

The 100 Year Journey to Proxima Centauri B (Sci-Fi Documentary)

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This is a sci-fi documentary, looking at the 100 years it will take a nuclear fusion spacecraft to travel to Proxima Centauri b. The closest habitable planet to Earth, with a distance of 4.24 light years.

A journey venturing far beyond Earth’s solar system, showing the future science of space travel, exploration, and future space technology.

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Oct 7, 2023

Virgin Galactic launches 1st Pakistani to space on 4th commercial spaceflight (video)

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Today’s milestone comes less than two months after Virgin Galactic launched the first former Olympian and the first mother-daughter duo to the final frontier on its Galactic 2 flight. The daughter in that duo, 18-year-old Anastatia Mayers, also became the youngest-ever spaceflyer during that mission.

Related: Meet the crew of Virgin Galactic’s ‘Galactic 04’ mission

Galactic 4 began at 11:28 a.m. EDT (1528 GMT) this morning, when Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity space plane lifted off beneath the wings of its carrier craft, known as VMS Eve.

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