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Jun 24, 2020

Simulation Shows Tesla Roadster Accelerating With SpaceX Thrusters

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Musk has teased the idea of adding SpaceX thrusters to Tesla cars before. Here’s what that would be like.

Jun 23, 2020

We must become a multi-planet species

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Former astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman: For the long-term survival of our species, we have to become a multi-planet being.

With our rising planet’s population competing for space and resources, some people are convinced we need to look beyond Earth to help ensure humanity’s survival. As Elon Musk, the entrepreneur behind space tourism company SpaceX told Aeon’s Ross Andersen: “I think there is a strong argument for making life multi-planetary in order to safeguard the existence of humanity in the event that something catastrophic were to happen.”

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Jun 23, 2020

Astronauts having Fun in Space

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#SpaceFun #SpaceExploration

Jun 21, 2020

Solar Eclipse

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From Alaska airlines flight


Solar Eclipse from Alaska airlines flight #SpaceExploration

Jun 20, 2020

NASA gets set to put astronauts on Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic suborbital flights

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NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine signaled today that astronauts would soon be cleared to take suborbital spaceflights aboard the commercial rocket ships being tested by Virgin Galactic and by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture.

“NASA is developing the process to fly astronauts on commercial suborbital spacecraft,” Bridenstine said in a tweet. “Whether it’s suborbital, orbital or deep space, NASA will utilize our nation’s innovative commercial capabilities.”

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Jun 20, 2020

Why Intelligent Minds Like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs Embrace the Rule of Awkward Silence

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The rule of awkward silence is simple: When faced with a challenging question, instead of answering, you pause and think deeply about how you want to answer.

But make no mistake, this is no short pause. You might go five, 10, or even 15 seconds before offering a response. Which, if you’re not used to doing it, will feel very awkward—at first.

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Jun 19, 2020

NASA Planning Mysterious Test With ISS-Docked SpaceX Crew Dragon

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They’re putting the SpaceX spacecraft through its paces.

Jun 19, 2020

NASA’s new head of human spaceflight says SpaceX’s Dragon is in good shape

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NASA’s newly named associate administrator for human exploration and operations, Kathy Lueders, says that SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule “has been doing great” at the International Space Station — and that the NASA astronauts who rode it to orbit are likely to come back down to Earth in early August.

Jun 19, 2020

SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft put through its paces at orbital space station

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SpaceX’s first human-proven Crew Dragon spacecraft is being put through its paces in orbit by NASA and even Roscosmos astronauts, according to senior agency leader.

Promoted to lead NASA’s Human Spaceflight Office (HEOMD) days ago, former Commercial Crew Program (CCP) manager Kathy Lueders primarily spoke about her new job – guiding the Artemis Moon landing program – but did manage to answer some questions about her former post. Successfully launched on May 30th, SpaceX’s inaugural Crew Dragon astronaut mission also marked NASA’s first domestic astronaut launch since June 2011, an achievement that unsurprisingly helped catapult Lueders up the ranks just a few weeks later.

Thus far, SpaceX’s first crewed launch is arguably the crowning achievement of both the company and the commercial spaceflight industry it’s largely come to represent. The mission isn’t over yet, however, and International Space Station (ISS) astronauts are reportedly hard at work as they continue to test the historic Crew Dragon spacecraft and push it to a whole new genre of limits.

Jun 18, 2020

Remembering Stephen Hawking

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Stephen Hawking — He believed that our destiny is in the stars and in the next 100 years, humans need to leave the Earth and embark to other planets