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Feb 27, 2018

Vodafone to install 4G network on the Moon

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T he Moon will have a 4G mobile network installed next year, according to plans set out by Vodafone and Nokia.

The mission, organised by space exploration company PTScientists, will be the first ever privately-funded Moon landing.

Nokia masts will be launched on a SpaceX rocket in 2019 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, USA.

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Feb 26, 2018

Asteroid mining: What is it? SpaceX Falcon Heavy could make it a reality

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ASTEROID mining may sound like science fiction – but one astronomer believes it is getting closer to becoming a reality.

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Feb 26, 2018

SpaceX’s biggest rival has a ‘genius’ plan to cut its rocket launch costs more than 70%

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United Launch Alliance’s upcoming Vulcan rocket will parachute its giant engines back to Earth for reuse, lowering launch costs to $100 million per mission.

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Feb 24, 2018

Trump’s ‘Back to the Moon’ Directive Leaves Some Scientists with Mixed Feelings

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While some planetary scientists are enthusiastic about Trump’s proposal to send astronauts to the moon before Mars, others are leery about what it could cost or if it will happen.

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Feb 24, 2018

Physicists Have Confirmed a Pear-Shaped Nucleus, And It Could Ruin Time Travel Forever

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Physicists have confirmed the existence of a new form of atomic nuclei, and the fact that it’s not symmetrical challenges the fundamental theories of physics that explain our Universe.

But that’s not as bad as it sounds, because the 2016 discovery could help scientists solve one of the biggest mysteries in theoretical physics — where is all the dark matter? — and could also explain why travelling backwards in time might actually be impossible.

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Feb 23, 2018

See Jupiter’s South Pole Change Over Time in Incredible Time-Lapse View

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New photos by NASA’s Juno spacecraft show Jupiter’s south pole as seen from above during a recent close encounter on Feb. 7, 2018.

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Feb 23, 2018

Bigelow Aerospace Reveals Plans For Space Hotels

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The rise of commercial spaceflight companies such as SpaceX and Bigelow Aerospace sparked the age of space tourism as the ultra-wealthy became able to buy a ticket for a rocket ride into space. Of course, there is a huge limit on tourism if there isn’t a place to stay in one’s intended destination, but that’s about to change in space. Bigelow has announced plans to build two space stations that will float in low-Earth orbit. The company has big plans for these space stations and ideas about who might pay to use them. Essentially, the stations will be like orbiting space hotels where astronauts and possibly even tourists might stay one day.

In a press release this week, Bigelow Aerospace announced that it has created a spin-off venture called Bigelow Space Operations, which will operate and manage two space stations that will serve as hotels. The company expects to launch both hotels in 2021, and it’s beginning to work toward building them this year. Bigelow describes the two space stations as “the largest, most complex structures ever known as stations for human use in space.”

The two stations are currently being referred to as B330-1 and B330-2, and they aren’t the only two that Bigelow Space Operations plans to build. The two space stations are inflatable and will provide shelter for up to six people in low-Earth orbit with about 12,000 cubic feet of living space.

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Feb 22, 2018

Wilbur Ross: Moon Should Be a ‘Gas Station for Outer Space’

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How else will astronauts get a Big Gulp on their way to Mars?

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Feb 21, 2018

Scientists Will Transport Antimatter in a Truck

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The antimatter of science fiction vastly differs from the real-life antimatter of particle physics. The former powers spaceships or bombs, while the latter is just another particle that physicists study, one that happens to be the mirror image with the opposite charge of the more familiar particles.

Normally, scientists produce antimatter in the lab, where it stays put in an experimental apparatus for further study. But now, researchers are planning on transporting it for the first time from one lab to another in a truck for research. Elizabeth Gibney reports for Nature:

In a project that began last month, researchers will transport antimatter by truck and then use it to study the strange behaviour of rare radioactive nuclei. The work aims to provide a better understanding of fundamental processes inside atomic nuclei and to help astrophysicists to learn about the interiors of neutron stars, which contain the densest form of matter in the Universe.

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Feb 19, 2018

Israeli scientists complete a mock mission to Mars

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The experiment was held near the isolated Israeli township of Mitzpe Ramon, whose surroundings resemble the Martian environment in its geology, aridity, appearance and desolation, the ministry said.

The participants were investigating various fields relevant to a future Mars mission, including satellite communications, the psychological affects of isolation, radiation measurements and search ing for life signs in soil.

Participant Guy Ron, a nuclear physics professor from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said the project was not only intended to look for new approaches in designing a future mission to the Red Planet, but to increase public interest.

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