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Sep 9, 2021

This Insane Bus Was Pure ELECTRIC & Didn’t Need Batteries

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All the way back in the 1940s, in Switzerland, work was underway on a breakthrough Bus that would be pure electric, and not need batteries. Introducing the Gyro-bus, a innovative look at storing energy in a flywheel! Mechanical Energy storage baby, and we’re doing a deep dive this week on Two Bit da Vinci!

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Sep 8, 2021

New superconducting magnet breaks magnetic field strength records, paving the way for fusion energy

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It was a moment three years in the making, based on intensive research and design work: On Sept. 5 for the first time, a large high-temperature superconducting electromagnet was ramped up to a field strength of 20 tesla, the most powerful magnetic field of its kind ever created on Earth. That successful demonstration helps resolve the greatest uncertainty in the quest to build the world’s first fusion power plant that can produce more power than it consumes, according to the project’s leaders at MIT and startup company Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS).

That advance paves the way, they say, for the long-sought creation of practical, inexpensive, carbon-free power plants that could make a major contribution to limiting the effects of global climate change.

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Sep 8, 2021

The Future of War | Answers With Joe

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War has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of civilization. But new technologies are changing the face of warfare in ways that we never really expected. From cyberwarfare to autonomous AI-piloted drones to space warfare, the future of war is weird. And terrifying.

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Sep 7, 2021

Toyota plans $13.6B spending spree to develop EV battery tech by 2030

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Toyota Motor Corporation announced on Tuesday that it will spend a massive $13.6 billion, or 1.5 trillion yen, on battery supply systems and research and development of electric vehicle battery technology by 2030. The investment will help the Japanese automaker establish a system for the development and supply of batteries for electrified models.

In April, Toyota debuted the bZ4X BEV concept and announced plans to roll out 15 BEVs under the bZ (Beyond Zero) family. Toyota surged into sustainable transportation with the development and release of the Prius Hybrid years ago, but the company has not significantly contributed to the development or sale of fully electric powertrains. Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has not been in any hurry to develop electrified models for customers and still believes that the company remains light years ahead of EV competitors like Tesla due to size, experience, and production.

Toyota debuts bZ4X SUV concept, kicking off its 15 electric vehicle lineup

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Sep 7, 2021

Tesla Supercharger V3 factory with 10k annual capacity fully completed

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The electric vehicle sector would be wise to brace for an insane expansion of the Tesla Supercharger Network. As reported by local media outlets on Tuesday, Tesla’s Supercharger V3 Factory in Shanghai had been fully completed as of August 20 2021. The facility, which is capable of producing 10,000 Supercharger V3 stalls per year, would play a key role in the company’s aggressive expansion of its rapid-charging network.

With the facility fully completed, Tesla’s ramp of the Supercharger Network would likely become much faster than ever before. This would be incredibly advantageous for the company, particularly as CEO Elon Musk has noted that Tesla would be opening its Supercharger Network to non-Tesla EVs around the end of the year. To avoid overcrowding in its existing Superchargers, the company must have a way to ensure that it has a steady supply of rapid charging stalls to install.

This is where the Supercharger V3 factory in China comes in. Tesla currently operates about 25,000 Superchargers worldwide. And while this number seems incredibly small compared to the number of gas stations across the globe, the Supercharger Network already stands as one of the most expansive and reliable rapid charging systems for electric vehicles in the market. Having a facility that could add 10,000 more Superchargers every year would then be extremely beneficial.

Sep 7, 2021

Nanoracks’ spinoff aims to bring food production to Earth’s deserts and orbital space

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The first space-style greenhouse could open in Abu Dhabi in 2022.

High-tech solar-powered greenhouses inspired by technology developed for missions to the moon and Mars could soon grow food in Arabian deserts as well as in orbit around Earth, according to plans of space services company Nanoracks.

Sep 7, 2021

Israeli company unveils electric vehicle battery that can recharge in 10 minutes

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StoreDot, an Israeli developer of extreme fast-charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, unveiled this month what it called the “world’s first” silicon-dominant battery prototype capable of recharging in just 10 minutes.

The company’s cylindrical cells use a 4,680 format — 46 millimeters wide by 80 millimeters long — that is favored by global carmakers, specifically electric vehicle giant Tesla.

The battery tech has been in development for three years and includes five patents in cell design, StoreDot said in a statement last week. The design “increases throughput and addresses safety and performance issues typically associated with the hard case structure of cylindrical cells,” the company said.

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Sep 7, 2021

This New Reusable Rocket Ship Can Fly From Earth to Space Several Times a Day

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Designed to fly multiple daily missions, Dawn Aerospace’s Mk-II introduces a concept of true sustainability to the space race.

Sep 5, 2021

Elon Musk says Starlink will transfer data close to speed of light

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX just confirmed that Starlink will transfer data close to speed of light. According to Gizmochina, the speed will be close to 97% speed of light.

Starlink is a constellation of thousands satellites aiming to deliver high-speed internet to consumers anywhere on the planet. While the Starlink service is still in beta, the company has over 100,000 users in 14 countries so far, with over half a million orders or refundable deposits placed by potential customers.

As of today there are 1,700 satellites in orbit. SpaceX intends to provide satellite internet connectivity to underserved areas of the planet, as well as provide competitively priced service in more urbanized areas. The company has stated that the positive cash flow from selling satellite internet services would be necessary to fund their Mars plans.

Sep 4, 2021

This wildly reinvented wind turbine generates five times more energy than its competitors

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This is where floating wind farms come into play. The world’s first floating wind farm, Hywind, opened in 2,017 almost 25 miles off the coast of Aberdeen in Scotland. The wind farm counts six floating wind turbines that are slotted in a buoyant cylinder filled with heavy ballast to make it float vertically. Because they’re only tethered to the seabed with thick mooring lines, they can operate in waters more than 3,000 feet deep.

Hywind is powering around 36,000 British homes, and it has already broken U.K. records for energy output. Wind Catching Systems launched the same year Hywind opened. It claims that one unit could power up between 80,000 and 100,000 European households. In ideal conditions, where the wind is at its strongest, one wind catcher unit could produce up to 400 gigawatt-hours of energy. By comparison, the largest, most powerful wind turbine on the market right now produces up to 80 gigawatt-hours.

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