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Aug 7, 2019

$3 Million for Mathematical Conjecture?

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How can untested mathematical conjecture be awarded $3 million prize? That reflects badly on the Breakthrough Prize committee. https://physicsworld.com/a/breakthrough-prize-criticized-for…led-ideas/

Dec 16, 2016

Does The Universe Have a Hard Drive?

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Zura Kakushadze is lead author of this peer reviewed paper published by the Free University of Tbilisi. It describes an information paradox that arises in a materialist’s description of the Universe—if we assume that the Universe is 100% quantum. The observation of the paradox stems from an interdisciplinary thought process whereby the Universe can be viewed as a “quantum computer”.

The presentation is intentionally nontechnical to make it accessible to a wide a readership.

Does the Universe Have a Hard Drive?