Jan 6, 2024

Samsung plans to eliminate humans from its chip fabs by 2030 — push for full automation continues at full steam: Report

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Samsung Electronics has started the development of its “Smart Sensing System,” which is designed to improve yields and transform the way its semiconductor fabs operate. The system is primarily designed to monitor and analyze the production process in real time and currently can automatically handle plasma uniformity. Eventually, Samsung plans to make its fabs fully automated and free of human labor by 2030, reports DigiTimes, citing ET News.

Samsung’s ultimate goal is to have fully unmanned semiconductor production facilities by 2030. Achieving this will require developing systems that can manage large amounts of data and optimize equipment performance automatically. The Smart Sensing System is an important part of this plan and is expected to play a crucial role in making these intelligent, fully automated fabs a reality. Samsung is currently investing tens of millions of won into projects like smart sensors, hoping that its investments will pay off in the long run.

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