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Mar 31, 2023

Study finds centenarians possess unique immunity that helps them achieve exceptional longevity

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There are approximately 30 trillion cells in a human body and our health is predicated on them properly interacting with and supporting each other, with the immune system playing a particularly pivotal role. One of the defining characteristics of aging is a decline in the proper functioning of our immune system. Centenarians, a rare population of individuals who reach 100 years or more, experience delays in aging-related diseases and mortality which suggests their immune systems remain functional into extreme old age.

Led by researchers from Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine and Tufts Medical Center, a new study finds harbor distinct immune cell type composition and activity and possess highly functional immune systems that have successfully adapted to a history of sickness allowing for exceptional longevity. These may help identify important mechanisms to recover from disease and promote longevity.

“Our data support the hypothesis that centenarians have protective factors that enable to recover from disease and reach extreme old ages,” said lead author Tanya Karagiannis, Ph.D., senior bioinformatician, Center for Quantitative Methods and Data Science, Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies at Tufts Medical Center.

Mar 1, 2023

Got 11 minutes? A daily brisk walk could lower risk for early death

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A new study of 30 million people found that even small amounts of exercise could lower risk for heart disease, certain cancers and early death.

Feb 26, 2023

Lawrence Krauss: ChatGPT riddled with wokism, as it is programmed to avoid giving offence

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As chatbot responses begin to proliferate throughout the Internet, they will, in turn, impact future machine learning algorithms that mine the Internet for information, thus perpetuating and amplifying the impact of the current programming biases evident in ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is admittedly a work in progress, but how the issues of censorship and offense ultimately play out will be important. The last thing anyone should want in the future is a medical diagnostic chatbot that refrains from providing a true diagnosis that may cause pain or anxiety to the receiver. Providing information guaranteed not to disturb is a sure way to squash knowledge and progress. It is also a clear example of the fallacy of attempting to input “universal human values” into AI systems, because one can bet that the choice of which values to input will be subjective.

If the future of AI follows the current trend apparent in ChatGPT, a more dangerous, dystopic machine-based future might not be the one portrayed in the Terminator films but, rather, a future populated by AI versions of Fahrenheit 451 firemen.

Feb 25, 2023

This Chinese kissing device lets you smooch over the internet

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Want to send your faraway lover a kiss? A Chinese contraption with warm, moving silicon “lips” appears to have just the answer.

The device, advertised as a way to let long-distance couples share “real” physical intimacy, is causing a buzz among Chinese social media users, who have reacted with both intrigue and shock.

Equipped with pressure sensors and actuators, the device is said to be able to mimic a real kiss by replicating the pressure, movement and temperature of a user’s lips.

Feb 25, 2023

James Webb Space Telescope images shatter understanding of age of the universe

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The James Webb Space Telescope found six massive galaxies that some scientists never thought could exist. The telescope is so powerful it might have just shattered scientific understanding of the universe. Theoretical Physicist and best selling author Dr. Michio Kaku talked to Gadi Schwartz about the groundbreaking report.

Feb 23, 2023

Scientists Propose Method for Detecting Alien Warp Drive Activity

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A team of scientists has proposed that we could use existing Earth-based observatories to hunt for highly intelligent alien life forms and their advanced warp drive technologies.

Feb 22, 2023

Tesla Cybertruck sightings continue, this time with better look at air suspension

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Tesla Cybertruck sightings are continuing, and a video of the all-electric pickup released today gives a much better look at the vehicle’s air suspension.

Last night, a video of the Cybertruck rolling around Gigafactory Texas was shared, showing off its air suspension at what people said was its maximum ride height. However, it was very unclear and grainy, so it didn’t necessarily give a great look at what the Cybertruck will look like when utilizing its air suspension.

Now, a new video has been shared, where the Cybertruck appears to be, once again, at its maximum ride height, thanks to its air suspension, but the clearer resolution gives us a much more revealing look at the beast in its rarest form.

Feb 22, 2023

Noam Chomsky on AI: The Singularity is Science Fiction!

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Check out my interview with Dr. Noam Chomsky where he explains why we have more urgent problems than the technological singularity.

Feb 20, 2023

Testing their strength: CAR T-cells combat muscle inflammation

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Universitätsklinikum Erlangen is the first in the world to use CAR T-cells to successfully treat a patient suffering from a severe case of muscle inflammation (myositis). The disease is triggered by a malfunction in the immune system that leads to inflammation of the muscles, and the risk of developing a very severe form of the disease is high. The Lancet has now published news of the successful treatment in a case report.

When the 41 year old Mr. S. noticed a dramatic deterioration in this health last year, he initially put it down to a viral infection. However, his health took a dramatic turn for the worse when he was suddenly no longer to move more than a few feet and was barely able to stand up. His symptoms were caused by a severe autoimmune disease affecting his muscles, joints, skin and lungs belonging to the group of anti-immune muscle (myositis). The diagnosis: anti-synthetase syndrome.

The name anti-synthetase syndrome is derived from the observation that the enzymes required for the synthesis of amino acids known as aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases are attacked in error by the immune system. This severely impacts the function of various cells.

Feb 20, 2023

ChatGPT creator Sam Altman says the world may not be ‘that far away from potentially scary’ AI and feels ‘regulation will be critical’

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Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing unnerved some people recently with shocking responses.

Amid discussions and scrutiny, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman shared his thoughts on AI In a series of tweets on Sunday.

He warned the world may not be “that far from potentially scary” AI and said regulation will be “critical.”

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